Jennifer Garner Has ‘Sexy Polaroids’ Of Husband Ben Affleck?

Sounds like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck know how to keep the romance alive. Unlike some stars that share racy nudes via smart phone photos, Garner goes for a bit of an old school approach with her husband of nine years.

During an interview with Vanity Fair, Garner said they keep the romance alive by sharing “sexy Polaroids” with each other. “Polaroids! That’s what we do at the Affleck house. We have a stack of sexy Polaroids.”

These days, Jennifer Garner is talking an awful lot about the advancement of technology and social media — it’s a theme in her new film Men, Women, and Children, which recently made its debut at the Toronto Film Festival. Although she was lighthearted when talking about her husband, when the conversation turned into social media, she grew serious.

As a parent, Garner voiced her concerns about the growing rate of technology and how it influences children and parenting.

“It makes you feel kind of sick to your stomach because…with parenting…you’re just trying to get it right. In L.A. we have all these parenting classes and in one, a teacher said to me, ‘Prepare your child for the road, not the road for your child.’ So we have pulled stuff up before and said, ‘Look, this is how crazy this stuff is guys, look at this.'”

Earlier, The Inquisitr reported on a chat Garner had with ET. During the chat, Garner voiced her opinion on computers and structuring rules for her children. “I don’t let my kids on a computer without me right there. You have to be on top of it because it would take so little for them to see something that could be an image that sticks in their head they don’t want to see.”

As for seeing Affleck as Batman, she expressed her excitement but still had to keep mum on everything. The actress confessed, “Everybody is excited for Batman. I’ve been asked all these questions about it and Ben just said to me on the phone, ‘Jennifer, next year if you’re at Toronto, it’ll still be months from coming out!”

It’s said that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be out in theaters on March 2016. Affleck is the first actor to embody the role of Batman since Christian Bale’s iconic version which wrapped up in Christopher Nolan’s last film back in 2012.

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