Kanye Hospitalized For Possible Seizure, Performs Anyway

A severe migraine headache had Kanye hospitalized just hours before his Melbourne, Australia concert was to begin yesterday. The rapper was said to have been playing basketball with his friends when he suffered a painful migraine and was rushed to the hospital at around 2:30 pm local time.

There, Kanye West, 37, was given an emergency MRI scan as doctors feared that he may have had a seizure, according to Woman’s Day. The exam and scan came back with a clean bill, however, and Kanye was not hospitalized for long, returning in time to enter Rod Laver Arena and go on stage as scheduled.

Us Weekly reports that West’s spokesperson says that Kanye was hospitalized as a precaution, not necessarily because something was seriously wrong, and his quick release proved his condition was not serious.

“Kanye just had a headache and wanted to be extra clear for his show. It wasn’t seizures or anything like that.”

Kanye West is currently in Australia on his Yeezus tour and is scheduled to play Sydney tomorrow. The Daily Beast reports that wife Kim Kardashian and daughter North West are also traveling with Kanye, though sources do not say whether they were present when Kanye was hospitalized. The Australian tour includes two dates in Sydney followed by one in Brisbane on Monday.

West, of course, is known for his abrasive style and marriage to the reality star. Kanye has also said he’s interested in becoming a comedy actor after his appearance in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues alongside Will Ferrell.

As should be expected, the Yeezus tour in Australia has had its fair share of Kardashian cleavage moments and Kanye commentary despite being hospitalized. This was including the now-ubiquitous Instagram presence the couple so often has.

Kardashian says she was “concerned” when Kanye was hospitalized and that he may be working too hard. Concert tours come with pressure, of course, and that West looked “anxious” when he was wheeled into the MRI. Under pressure from staff and security around the rapper, however, doctors rushed to check him before that night’s show. Arguments over the security detail and Kanye’s privacy were also a highlight of the hospital visit, reports Radar Online. Their interview of Belinda James, a woman who was present when Kanye was hospitalized, reveals some of the hectic morning scene.