‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spoilers: Season 7, Episode 2 Brings ‘Toil And Till’

Sons of Anarchy started its final season Tuesday night and it brought in monster ratings. It’s clear fans are going to embrace these last episodes of the series and show creator Kurt Sutter delivered quite the premiere. Now, of course, fans are looking for Sons of Anarchy spoilers regarding the season 7, episode 2 show that will air on September 16. What can viewers expect?

The groundwork was laid in Tuesday’s premiere and fans were left hanging on several fronts. Jax Teller is willing to do anything it takes to get vengeance, that much is clear. Juice is scared, Gemma is scrambling and Unser is in trouble. The next episode is titled “Toil and Till,” and Kurt Sutter shared a few Sons of Anarchy spoilers and tidbits with Entertainment Weekly.

In the season 7, episode 2 photos released by FX, there is a shot of Unser looking just fine, so it seems Juice doesn’t leave him bound and gagged for long. Sutter says that Unser is pushed and pulled in many directions this season, so he’s definitely not a goner at this point. Unser loves Gemma, but he made promises to Tara about watching over Thomas and Abel. Unser will start developing a connection with the new sheriff, Annabeth Gish, who makes her first appearance in the September 16 episode.

Fans have been curious about just how Gemma came to pin Tara’s murder on the Chinese, as not every moment was played out on-screen. How involved was Jax in this and how did it become Chris Dun she targeted? Sutter says that he knew he would have Gemma get the information she used for the lie from Juice and that the information was something Juice would have access to. In addition, Sutter says that Gemma wouldn’t go with a lie that would put Nero in a difficult position, and she wouldn’t blame it on Brown. She had to get the club looking at somebody, so Lin and his group ended up targeted.

The new Sons of Anarchy spoiler preview for “Toil and Till” shows Gemma seemingly telling Juice that the way he stays alive is for people to not know that he’s hiding at Wendy’s house. Juice is, naturally, looking rough and very stressed. It is known that this will play out at least through episode 6, which Sutter has teased will be a big episode for Juice.

Jax is looking for payback, but he is warned that the level he’s looking for will “pull the club in a very different direction.” There are gun battles, naturally, and it looks like a confrontation with the Chinese is in store for this episode. Nero and Wendy are developing a friendship of sorts, and the last moment of the newest preview shows Jax on the bed with Abel as a tear runs down his face.

The TV Guide synopsis doesn’t detail much when it comes to “Toil and Till.” It simply shares that the club will solicit help from another charter in order to finish a job. Fans don’t know quite where this final season is headed, but they are not about to miss the opportunity to go along for the ride. Tune in to season 7, episode 2 of Sons of Anarchy airing Tuesday, September 16 on FX.

[Image via Prashant Gupta]