WWE News: Bray Wyatt’s Next Feud Revealed, Includes A Championship

Everyone’s favorite psychopath is about to get even bigger in the grand scheme of WWE’s programming. Bray Wyatt recently finished a program with Chris Jericho, the ultimate part-time wrestler. Jericho put over Wyatt to make him look like a freak that cannot be beat.

Their steel cage match stole the show on Monday Night Raw and the crowd went crazy for the deranged leader of the Wyatt Family. Jericho knew exactly what to do to make Wyatt seem like he instilled a toughness and was truly unbeatable.

What Jericho did will not come across as huge by any means, but for Wyatt’s next feud and beyond, Jericho did more than the WWE Universe thinks. Speaking Wyatt’s next program, it will include a championship and a contender that should have been in the main event long ago.

Bray Wyatt’s next feud could be against Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler will defend his Intercontinental title against The Miz at Night of Champions.

It’s possible that there could be something involving Wyatt after that, as he doesn’t have a PPV match. Wyatt’s cage match with Chris Jericho on Raw was considered to be the end of that feud.

Wyatt is the unsung hero of WWE programming. Believe it or not, aside from Paul Heyman, he is the best mic worker in the company. Since CM Punk took his ball and went home, Wyatt stepped up his game on the stick and takes the WWE fans on a ride each week that includes instability, craziness and ominous power.

His gimmick about how he is the leader of the people makes the WWE fans truly believe it. The power of a good promo is the ability to make the people believe it. That’s what made Punk so good on the microphone. He struck a chord with the WWE Universe in a way that not many people could say they’ve accomplished in the past.

Bray Wyatt

There is one problem with Wyatt, and that is the return of Daniel Bryan. They already feuded once before, but WWE will attempt to rush Bryan back into the main-event picture. When he went out due to injury, young guns stepped up like Wyatt and the former-Shield members. The four wrestlers became a staple of WWE TV.

Don’t get me wrong; Bryan needs to return. Aside from Brock Lesnar, the championship picture is weak. John Cena will get thrashed around for the second-straight pay-per-view, and someone else will have to step in. After Big Show’s feud, Bryan might be the next victim.

Wyatt’s booking, thus far, has been very sound, contrary to the critics in the IWC. His next feud with Ziggler will elevate the two stars to a whole new level. WWE cannot screw this up, or the critics will be right and his booking will be poor. As a group, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

[Images via kayfabenews.com and google.com]