Iggy Azalea Says Nick Young Has Terrible Taste… In Food

Iggy Azalea clearly isn’t spending time with boyfriend Nick Young because of his exquisite culinary taste. According to the rapper, his taste buds are easier to please than most.

Since Young is tall, handsome and an accomplished professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, it’s not altogether surprising that there’s something wrong with the guy. However, Nick’s penchant for terrible food works in Azalea’s favor. Since she’s the one who does most of the cooking in the relationship, the rapper doesn’t have to spend a lot of time and energy impressing her man.

Iggy and her boyfriend recently attended the launch party for a new Calvin Klein fragrance, though we’re not entirely sure what it’s called. Since the product really doesn’t have anything to do with the food Young stuffs into his gut on a regular basis, we’ll leave that detail up to your imagination. It’s probably called something like Confabulation or Disintegration or some such. We’re not too concerned about it.

But, we digress. When it comes to cooking food, Iggy Azalea has it easy.

“He mainly likes baby food, so that helps [with] the pressure, because the standard is low. I only have to really make grilled cheese sandwiches and hamburgers, so that helps. And if anything goes wrong, I just put mayonnaise on it, and he’s a happy camper, so I have it easy.”

Unfortunately for those who crave minute details about celebrity relationships, Nick Young didn’t comment on Iggy Azalea’s cooking. This is probably a good thing; you never bite the hand that feeds you, both literally and figuratively.

However, we do know one thing: The guy loves to see his girlfriend naked. According to Hollywood Life, the basketball star is more concerned about what the rapper removes from her body than what she puts on it. Sure, she’s got great style, but apparently Nick thinks Iggy’s clothes look better when they’re in a pile on the floor.

“I like her style — but it’s not about what she puts on. I have more fun taking her clothes off.”

That is quite possibly more information that we ever needed to know, but when has that ever stopped Nick Young from saying something wildly inappropriate about his famous girlfriend? After all, he frequently does illegal things to her backside.

Are you surprised Iggy Azalea does all the cooking in her relationship? What do you think about Nick Young’s terrible taste in food?

[Lead image via Featureflash / Shutterstock.com]