Dwayne Wade Yells at David Stern During NBA Labor Agreement Talk

In the most recent attempt at putting an end to the ongoing NBA lockout, players and owners met for nearly four hours on Friday to try to extend the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

All-Stars such as Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Durant joined the players’ association executive committee for the meeting headed up by NBA commissioner David Stern and Players Union chief Billy Hunter.

A person debriefed on the meeting confirmed that Wade took offense to the way commissioner Stern was addressing the players, talking down to them and pointing at them like they were little kids.

When Stern directed his finger in D-Wade’s direction, the Heat guarge reported stood up and screamed:

“Don’t point your finger at me, I’m not a child.”

Following Wade’s outburst, ESPN reported that He, James and Anthony threatened to leave the talks early before Hunter talked them into staying another hour.

“There are times when it’s contentious,” union president Derek Fisher said, without referring to a specific incident. “Guys are very passionate about their opinions. There are also times you really talk and show the type of professional respect. When you have as much at stake as we all do, you have to expect some ups and downs within the meetings.”

Unfortunately, amidst all this Wade-Stern action there wasn’t much progress made towards a new collective bargaining agreement, but reports say that the two sides are going to resume talks on Saturday and Sunday.

via NY Post