Kendrick Lamar Offers Chris Brown Some Friendly Advice On ‘Autumn Leaves’

Kendrick Lamar recently teamed up with Chris Brown for the tune “Autumn Leaves.” Was their collaboration a learning experience for the troubled singer?

Despite Brown’s numerous socially unacceptable antics, there are still quite a few people willing to shell out their hard-earned money for his upcoming album X. When his collaboration with Kendrick Lamar unofficially arrived on the internet, several folks were quite excited to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

However, it didn’t take long before some people began analyzing Lamar’s lyrical contribution to “Autumn Leaves.” In fact, some websites theorize that Kendrick’s verses are a not-too-subtle critique of Brown’s recent behavior. Is Lamar really teaching Chris a lesson on the guy’s own song? Depending on who you ask, yes.

Check out Lamar’s words of wisdom below.

“When you’re outlandish and you lose manners, to God you shall consult / When the bright cameras are still cramming in your face, and it provoke / You to act mannish, just stay planted, because you reaping what you sow.”

According to MTV News, even Brown gets a little reflective on “Autumn Leaves.” Although the site claims the singer “delves into his emo side” in the song, it’s unclear if he’s sincere or simply telling everyone what he thinks they want to hear.

“I seems that all the autumn leaves are falling / I feel like you’re the only reason for it / All the things you do, all the things you, do all the things you do.”

Regardless of what people might think about Kendrick Lamar’s contribution to Chris Brown’s tune, they’re probably just glad to hear it finally. The singer teased last year that the rapper was lending a few verses to his upcoming album, though a constant string of delays ultimately prevented anyone from enjoying the finished product.

Sadly, trying to find an unaltered version of “Autumn Leaves” online is a little difficult. After appearing on Soundcloud, the song has apparently been systematically removed by Brown’s record label. The good news: X — not to be confused with Ed Sheeran’s similarly-titled endeavor — hits retail shelves next week.

One person who is probably looking forward to Kendrick Lamar’s contribution to “Autumn Leaves” is country star Taylor Swift. The Inquisitr recently reported that Swift often listens to Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle” when she’s tired of feeling victimized. As long as she doesn’t dance to the track in public, it’s doubtful anyone has a serious problem with this.

What do you think about Kendrick Lamar and Chris Brown’s “Autumn Leaves”?

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