Zayn Malik’s Girlfriend Isn’t A Fan Of Harry Styles

Zayn Malik doesn’t have to worry about his fiancée falling for the charms of One Direction’s most notorious womanizer.

Zayn’s gorgeous girlfriend, Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards, recently talked about Harry Styles during an interview for Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway tour. According to Cambio, she was asked why she fell for Zayn Malik and not Harry Styles.

“I like Zayn, he’s more my type. I think Harry’s too naughty.”

Zayn Malik and Harry Styles do have drastically different personalities. Harry always ends up being the center of attention, while Zayn is a little more reserved and shy. Harry also seems to be a fan of the nightlife, but you don’t see much about Malik going out and having a good time. He did have one “naughty” incident, however — as The Inquisitr previously reported, he and Louis Tomlinson got caught smoking pot together earlier this year.

Zayn Malik might not be perfect, but if Perrie Edwards was looking for a nice boy to settle down with, she definitely chose the right guy. She and Malik are currently planning their wedding, and they’ve probably surprised quite a few One Direction fans by lasting this long (they are both very young, after all).

Meanwhile a single Styles continues to deal with the fallout from his Taylor Swift split. As The Inquisitr previously reported, an unnamed source is trying to keep the Haylor drama alive. The source claims that Harry has accused Swift of using “gimmicks” to sell her records. The main “gimmicks” Taylor relies on to generate buzz for her songs are references to her former relationships, so you can understand why Harry Styles would complain about Swift’s creative process.

Right now Perrie Edwards doesn’t have to worry about feeling the urge to pen angst-filled songs that vaguely reference Zayn Malik. She and her fiancé just returned from a romantic getaway to Greece, so things appear to be going well for the pop power couple.

Zayn and Perrie don’t seem to be in a huge rush to wed anytime soon, but this probably has something to do with their very busy schedules. According to Unreality TV, Zayn just left London to fly to the U.S. for One Direction’s “Where We Are” tour. Malik probably won’t get to see Edwards for a month while he’s touring. In the meantime, Perrie will be keeping herself preoccupied by working on Little Mix’s third album.

Do you think Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards will ever make it to the altar?

[Image credits: Disney via E! Online, Getty via Vogue]