Apollo Nida On The Run, Freaks Out On Phaedra, Arrest Warrant To Be Issued

Apollo Nida, of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame, was supposed to be headed to prison today, but did not show up. Now, according to TMZ, authorities are about to issue a warrant for his arrest. A source told TMZ that shortly before he was to enter the prison to serve out his eight-year sentence, he detoured to his wife’s home to demand money and to see his kids. Sources say, Phaedra Parks turned him down for both and showed him the door.

That is when eye witnesses say Nida completely lost it and began yelling for her to allow him to see his kids. He also demanded to know why the Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star was doing this to him. Federal law enforcement officials are expected to issue a warrant for Nida’s arrest. Real Housewives of Atlanta’s production crew was at the scene recording all the shocking footage for an upcoming episode.

By all accounts, Federal authorities have bent over backwards to accommodate Nida, giving the real housewife husband ample time to prepare for his stint in prison. Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida have had both a loving and a volatile relationship over the years, usually ending in hot make up sex after the fights, according to comments made by Apollo Nida.

Parks once defended her relationship with Nida after she was heavily criticized for marrying the ex-con.Friends say Phaedra did everything she could to make the marriage work. In an interview Phaedra Parks stated the following, according to Examiner.

“My husband was convicted of a white-collar crime. It was racketeering. He comes up for an appeal and we just hope that works out positively. But he wasn’t guilty of harming any person or anybody and unfortunately that’s what happened. I married my husband because I loved him and he loved me and I think that’s the foundation of any good relationship. I didn’t marry him because of his past or because of his future. I married him because I respected him and I realized⎯everyone should realize that people make mistakes.”

Phaedra Parks has distanced herself from her husband since his recent conviction and has been seen about town partying and enjoying the company of her friends. An earlier report from the Inquisitr suggested that Phaedra might be divorcing her husband. In the last few weeks, Nida has released intimate details of their relationship in several interviews. Reportedly, a tell-all book is also in the works.

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