Austin Mahone Says He Didn’t Want To Record Ariana Grande’s ‘Break Free’

Austin Mahone originally had an opportunity to tackle “Break Free,” though the song ultimately ended up in the capable hands of pop princess Ariana Grande.

While this news is a little surprising, it’s not altogether uncommon. Pop singers, who aren’t always involved in the writing process, often choose from a pool of potential tunes when they’re assembling material for their albums. The songs they decide not to use often find their way into the hands of other artists. Such is the case of Austin Mahone.

According to Sugarscape, the aforementioned ditty originally landed in Austin’s lap not too long ago. Instead of tackling the tune himself, Mahone decided against putting his unique spin on the admittedly catchy creation.

Although he didn’t delve into specifics, Austin Mahone shared this amusing sliver of info while having a chat with Bop It magazine. We may never know why the guy decided to pass on the song, but we do know he once had a chance to call it his very own.

“Actually, Ariana’s new song that just came out was supposed to be mine like a year ago. ‘Break Free,’ like they sent it to me and I was supposed to record it, but I never did.”

Of course, Ariana Grande fanatics — and those of use who truly appreciate the inherent beauty of boob rockets — are extremely pleased that the song found its way across the former Sam & Cat star’s adorable vocal chords. In fact, they often gush about the song on social media. No, seriously — have a look.

While Mahone decided to pass on the aforementioned tune, there’s still a metric ton of songs at his disposal. In fact, The Inquisitr previously reported that Austin is extremely anxious to get back in the studio and record a fresh batch of new tunes for his next endeavor. Unfortunately, we’re still not sure when it will his retail shelves.

“We have awesome songs lined up and a lot of good people I’m working with…. I’m probably going to stick with pop for the most part, but I’ll try some different styles, too. I’m gonna jump out to a little more EDM, maybe some R&B, different stuff like that.”

Are you surprised Austin Mahone passed on “Break Free”?

[Lead image via “Banga Banga” / YouTube]