This Raccoon Massaging A Kitten Is Your Lethal Cute Attack Of The Day — Maybe Of The Year

The raccoon is generally considered one of nature’s meanest, nastiest critters. Sure, they look kind of cute with their Lone Ranger masks and all. But if you’ve ever met one of these sharp-toothed varmints, it’s probably because he was going through your garbage pail.

The word “raccoon” actually comes from a Native American word that means “creature that scratches with its hands.” So that tells you something about how people have thought about raccoons for centuries

And that’s what makes this viral video so unspeakably cute. This raccoon, which looks like a baby, wants nothing more than to give this sleepy kitten a scalp massage — kind of a raccoon shiatsu.

This laid-back little kitty doesn’t seem to mind at all. In fact, except when the raccoon gets a little overzealous as it cleans the kitten’s ear, the sleepy little guy seems to be eating up the attention.

As you can see, this video originally aired on America’s Funniest Home Videos, which makes sense because we don’t think you can watch this little clip without at least a chuckle.