Sara Gilbert From ‘The Talk’ To Be A Mom Again

Sara Gilbert recently tied the knot with her love Linda Perry, and today on The Talk, the star had another big announcement: she is pregnant.

The reveal came as Gilbert explained to viewers why she would not participate in “Face Your Fears” week on the show, which would have seen Gilbert lie between two beds of nails with a cinder block placed on her stomach.

As E! Online reported, Gilbert told the audience, “I actually can’t do it, because… I’m pregnant!”

The magazine went on to say that the co-hosts’ thrilled reactions were strong evidence Gilbert’s big news was a surprise for them too. The Talk Twitter feed was soon populated with re-tweets of congratulatory messages for Gilbert and Perry.

Us Magazine noted that Gilbert is 39 and Perry 49. Gilbert has two children with Alison Adler: son Levi, 9 and daughter Sawyer, 7.

Gilbert once talked about Perry’s romantic proposal, which involved a street musician and some conspiring fellow diners at a picnic.

“We go to a park, and we have food and we’re eating it, it’s really sweet and there’s this guy sitting playing guitar, like a street musician, and he starts playing this song that we love. [Perry said] I’m gonna ask him to play this other song,’ but this other song is really obscure and this guy wouldn’t know it, but magically he knows it.”

Then the other picnickers pulled out instruments to join in on the guitarist’s performance, and Perry wore a series of t-shirts that spelled out the phrase, “Will you marry me?”

TooFab reported that the co-hosts went “bananas” after Gilbert’s announcement, perhaps in part because Gilbert was so emotional when she described her reluctance to participate in the “Face Your Fears” stunt — before she came out with the reason why. TooFab assessed that perhaps swinging Gilbert around and lifting her up in an expression of joy may not have been the best idea, but it was certainly fun to watch.

The “Face Your Fears” week continues this week on The Talk, and Gilbert will be around to provide support, if not directly participate.

[Photo: Beck Starr/FilmMagic]