‘Teen Mom’ Star Chelsea Houska Admits Aubree Sneaks Herself Into Pictures

Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska has raised her daughter, Aubree, since she was born because Adam Lind was not eager to be a father. Sure, they were both teenagers and they were both shocked at the pregnancy, but Adam called Aubree “a mistake” and at one point, he was willing to sign over his rights to Chelsea so that she would be the legal guardian of their daughter.

Chelsea Houska has been raising Aubree on her own, but because of their roles on Teen Mom, Chelsea has been sharing pictures of herself and her daughter on Twitter and Instagram. It is no secret that Aubree loves being the center of attention, and she has even been labeled a little fashionista as she has the best toddler style on reality television.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska loves taking pictures of her daughter, and there was no lack of them this weekend as they celebrated Aubree’s 5th birthday. The week before, Houska celebrated her own birthday, but it was clearly Chelsea’s daughter who was the focus.

“She’s over all the pictures today haha,” Chelsea Houska revealed about her daughter Aubree, who loves being in the pictures that her mother takes. And there was no lack of pictures this weekend. Chelsea only shared a couple of pictures, but it is possible that she snapped many pictures so she could document her child’s birthday. The great thing about Twitter and Instagram is that she can show her daughter pictures from her childhood when she grows up.

According to The Inquisitr, Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska has been spending time working on her body. She recently showed off a massive weight loss. Chelsea hasn’t revealed how she lost the weight, but she did show off a slimmer frame on Instagram. Maybe she wanted to keep her secrets to herself.

This season on the show, Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska shared her frustrations over Adam Lind. Even though Chelsea has finally moved on emotionally from her broken relationship, she worries about his new girlfriends and how he is with them around Aubree. Since Adam now has two children, it is fair that Houska has concerns over him getting more girls pregnant. This concern was shown on Teen Mom this season.

Do you think it is smart for Chelsea Houska to document her daughter’s life on Instagram and Twitter? Do you think she needs to protect her daughter a bit more?

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