Drake Tears For Sale: Woman Sues For Millions, Says She’s His Unpaid Ghostwriter

Sensitive rapper Drake could be in a bit of hot water, as rumors abound that he’s on the verge of being hit with a multimillion dollar lawsuit. The charge: Drake hasn’t been paying the woman who’s been ghostwriting some of his lyrics for him.

Grain of salt on this one, folks, as the tale comes by way of MediaTakeOut, which – as you may remember – most recently claimed that Nicki Minaj was pregnant and engaged to her longtime boyfriend. Still, the newest report involving Drake is troubling. Oh, no, wait, “troubling” isn’t the word we were looking for; we meant “hilarious.”

Drake, according to MTO, has been working with a Toronto woman for the past three years. The unnamed woman is said to have been writing the lyrics for Drake’s more… err… “sensitive” songs, receiving a fat paycheck in exchange for songwriting credits.

Reportedly, the ghostwriter contributed to several of Drake’s albums, including Take Care, Thank Me Later, and Nothing Was the Same. The Drake tracks she reportedly worked on are unnamed, but we’d imagine they’re the autotuned ones that bump steadily in strip clubs, sorority mixers, and pajama-clad slumber parties.

So what went wrong? Reportedly, Drake’s friends “started s**t-talking” his ghostwriter, and she is said to have endured it for a while. However, “the slander got out of hand, and now she’s demanding a big payoff.” This according to an “MTO snitch,” so, again, grain of salt.

Drake’s alleged ghostwriter is said to have hired the law firm of Gloria Allred, who most recently made the news for taking on the case of Floyd Mayweather’s ex, who is suing the boxer, alleging battery and invasion of privacy. If that’s the case, we can likely expect a press conference with Allred sitting next to Drake’s Cyrano and demanding justice in the coming weeks.

Having a ghostwriter isn’t a mortal sin, but it’s pretty embarrassing if you’re as high up on the rap charts as Drake is. The Toronto-born rapper has seen phenomenal success and received loads of praise for his lyrical prowess, and his reputation would no doubt take a hit if it were revealed that someone else were penning Drake’s lyrics.

Of course, even though Drake’s been celebrated lyrically, some observers have always raised an eyebrow at the Canadian rapper. Earlier in his career, Drake drew criticism for “freestyling” his raps while reading them off of a Blackberry.

Not unforgivable in hip-hop, but definitely not a good look either.

Ghostwritten or not, Drake’s lyrics have definitely earned him a reputation as a sensitive rapper, but at least Drake’s got a sense of humor about that. The Champagnepapi Instagram account – Drake’s own account – posted a pic of Drake with a cartoon tear running down his cheek. The accompanying text: Drake Tears For Sale 2015.