LeSean McCoy Leaves Tip To Recognize Level Of Service He Received

The constant inner struggle of how much to leave a waiter or waitress as a tip has plagued customers for a long time. Some feel that there should be a standard percentage that should be left, yet others feel it should be based upon the level of service received. LeSean McCoy, of the Philidelphia Eagles, chooses the latter method of leaving tips, as is evident by the menial amount he left his server at PYT.

LeSean McCoy spent approximately an hour at the burger restaurant with three other people. His server, Rob – according to the receipt – feels that he provided exceptional service. However, LeSean felt otherwise, as evident by the $0.20 tip left on the $61.56 bill. PYT posted on their Facebook page to memorialize the tip and gain some comments from their fans.

“That is a 0.3% tip. New record!”

The owner of PYT, Tommy Up, claimed that LeSean McCoy‘s table was quite difficult and feels that his server, Rob, did a fantastic job at maintaining a quality level of service. He feels that the tip was a great insult and that Rob was upset at himself and confused as to what he did to deserve the menial tip.

“We were all excited because the Eagles won last night and our server, Rob, is a huge fan. He was really perplexed by the tip and was really down about it.”

The Daily News’ Les Bowen reached out to LeSean McCoy and received a colorful quote from Mr. McCoy.

“It’s bull****, Man”

Bowen went on to explain the comment by McCoy,

“My understanding is, he was really ticked about service. But org [i.e., the Eagles] wishes he’d handled it differently.”

There have been fantastic stories of celebrities leaving over the top tips to waiters and waitresses for exceptional service, and there is no doubt that exceptional service should be recognized in some shape or form. However, what about poor service? Should it be recognized with a ridiculously small tip, no tip left at all, or a standard tip as a courteous reminder that we all have bad days? We all have bad days, and they can become more difficult if the customers that we are dealing with are also being difficult.

There is no update as to whether LeSean McCoy will make things right by presenting Rob with a larger tip and an apology, or whether we will see the autographed receipt on eBay to make up for the loss in tips. What do you think would make this situation right?

[Photo Courtesy: C Static]