Olive Garden 7-Week Never Ending Pasta Pass Crashes Before You Do

Olive Garden, purveyor of mainstream Italian fare, once had a novel idea. It was called Olive Garden’s “never ending pasta bowl.” The Olive Garden pasta buffet’s genesis goes back at least as far as 2009. It went from $7.99 to $9.99 over the years, but that all changed Monday at 3 p.m.

The Inquisitr reported about the Olive Garden event.

Olive Garden’s “Never Ending Pasta Pass” was introduced on Monday and gives the holder the right to consume all the pasta, salad, breadsticks and soda they want for seven weeks.

However, if you want one of the limited passes, you’ll have to act fast. USA Today reports that only 1,000 of the passes will be sold online via the Olive Garden website. The sale starts Monday at 3 p.m. ET.

Olive Garden fans lamented as the site crashed, almost as quickly as the passes were posted. An Oregon paper,the Statesman Journal, published it’s attempts to retrieve the enticing Olive Garden offer.

The results were almost all the same — an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) error page — that turned into a Webpage is not available message after about 20 minutes. One try got us into a second screen where we could click a “Buy” button, which then resulted in the same error.

As of 12:25, the Olive Garden website still offers a link to purchase the passes, but continued efforts are proving the same.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Olive Garden spokeswoman Tara Gray stated that the pasta passes sold out in just 45 minutes.

The response was overwhelming, and there were times when the number of visitors exceeded the bandwidth of the servers,” she wrote. “In fact, we received half a million visitors within the first half hour.

The never ending pasta bowl, the event that inspired this promotion, runs from September 22 through November 9. USA Today reports that though the thousand passes sold out, there will be more chances to win this glutton of an offer.

It(Olive Garden) says, however, that its social media team will be doing giveaways up to the start of the annual Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion on Sept. 22.

This writer attempted to click on the promotion, on Olivegarden.com to check the status. The photo below was the result.


The link takes you to their general Facebook page. Reports, at this time indicate, that the offer should start showing up anytime prior to September 22.

That leaves roughly two weeks of non-stop Facebook usage to gain seven weeks of pasta goodness. So, that leaves us with the question, Are you going to dedicating the next two weeks of your life to Olive Garden for a chance to gain seven?

[ Images Via Facebook And Olive Garden.com ]