Mike Myers' Wife Kelly Tisdale Gives Birth to Baby Boy, Spike

Okay, that headline makes it look like Mrs. Mike Myers gave birth to a baby and then a spike, which totally did not happen.

Instead, Kelly Tisdale, Myers' second wife, had a regular baby the regular way and everyone was happy. The pair, who married last year after dating for about five, welcomed baby boy Spike earlier this month. While the couple apparently kept mum on the birth as well as the kid's vital stats, a rep for Myers and Tisdale says the baby is doing well, everyone is healthy and the new parents are ecstatic.

Myers signed up for the dad job relatively late in life, earning the title at 48 years of age- wife Kelly is reportedly "thirty something." Prior to his marriage to Tisdale, Myers was married for over a decade to Robin Ruzan, but the pair divorced after twelve years together and never had children. After the breakup, Myers was plagued by gay rumors and even his new marriage did not quiet the whispers that the Austin Powers actor was on the down low.

It's not a surprise few details have been shared about the baby, as Myers is notoriously quiet and reserved about his personal life and doesn't offer up much in the way of deets. Tisdale is said to have dated Moby, with whom she owns New York City tea shop Teany, before she settled down with Myers. No pics of baby Spike, as would be expected, were released by the pair. (But the news did re-spark rumors that Myers has been considering reviving the popular Austin Powers series.)