Keith Olbermann Calls For Termination of New Jersey District Attorney, Ravens Head Coach And NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Last night, Keith Olbermann called for the terminations of a New Jersey District Attorney, the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens and National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell on his ESPN2 show according to Deadline.

“We begin tonight with the unavoidable and simple truth that intentionally, or by neglect, the Atlantic County, New Jersey District Attorney’s Office, the Baltimore Ravens, the National Football League, and Commissioner Roger Goodell have conducted a coverup of Ray Rice’s assault on his then-fiancee, on February 15th.”

Keith Olbermann made that statement at the top of his show last night in reaction to the video released yesterday by TMZ of Ray Rice punching and knocking out Janay Palmer in an Atlantic City elevator.

After the video was released yesterday and made public, the NFL cut Ray Rice from the Ravens and suspended him indefinitely – a move that blocks any other team from picking him up. The NFL insisted that it had not seen the video of Ray Rice punching his finacee in the elevator before yesterday.

“We requested from law enforcement any and all information about the incident, including the video from inside the elevator. The video was not made available to us and no one in our office has seen it until today.”

Reaction to that by Olbermann was distinct. Keith called for a clean sweep of the jobs of everyone involved.

“Each body, each leading individual involved came to a judicial conclusion about what happened to Janay Palmer and what should happen to Ray Rice. And each, through deception or incompetence, misled the public, damaged the efforts of every man and every woman in this country seeking to merely slow down the murderous epidemic of domestic violence, and made a mockery of the process by which those who batter those they claim to love are to be brought to justice.

Having made his case for incompetence or deception, Keith Olbermann next demanded they all lose their jobs.

“None of them have any remaining credibility, and each must leave or be expelled from their current positions. Despite the obsession of the moment, it does not truly matter whether they had seen this video before today. The league, the team, the prosecutors either whitewashed Ray Rice’s brutal assault without having seen this video, or saw the video and then whitewashed Rice’s brutal assault anyway.”

Just hours after the Ray Rice video was released by TMZ yesterday, the Ravens tweeted their separation from the player.

The video clip yesterday sparked outrage from fans, other NFL players and coaches. Keith Olbermann, a notoriously vigilant broadcaster for causes he supports, is certain to not let off the NFL Commissioner, the New Jersey District Attorney’s Office or the Ravens off the hook any time soon.

image via Nseri