Watch: Amazing Video Captures The Moment Two Blind Sisters See For The First Time!

Be warned. This video is sure to melt the hearts of even the most stone-hearted of people out there.

This is the story of two blind sisters, Anita and Sonia who are natives of Orissa state in Eastern India. The two sisters were born in to a family of a poor farmer and both were blind since birth. Unable to afford treatment for them, the family had lost all hopes of the children being able to see. Little did they know that the type of blindness that affected Anita and Sonia could have been easily cured by a minor surgery that would cost just $300. However, for their impoverished father, giving the blind sisters their daily bread was of more priority than treating their blindness. After all, staying alive was more important. The $300 cost was simply too expensive for the family that could barely make their ends meet.

Enter 20/20/20 – a non-profit organization. Folks at 20/20/20 work towards providing free of cost operations to blind people in several developing countries. The blind sisters Anita and Sonia were also included in a list of people selected to be operated upon and to be cured of their blindness. 20/20/20 and Blue Chalk Media decided to document the story of the blind sisters in order to give out a message to the world. The fact that their efforts have been successful is evident from the fact that National Geographic has featured their video on their page.

Blind sisters see for the first time

The video embedded above describes the life of Anita and Sonia and their journey until now. The best and the most emotional part of the video are the scenes where both the hitherto blind sisters remove the bandages that covered their eyes and see the world for the first time. It is simply amazing – and is sure to make you cry.

It is in moments like these that you appreciate the blessing of having a normal eyesight. The Inquisitr has in the past as well reported about touching stories like these in which people see or hear for the first time in their life.

If you wish to know more about 20/20/20, you might want to visit their website here.

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