WWE: CM Punk Vs. Sting Match ‘Confirmed’ For Phil Brooks’ Return?

The WWE rumor mill is getting a little crazy lately because supposedly now CM Punk Vs. Sting has been confirmed as Punk’s WWE return match. But is this idea legit or is this rumor a big pile of steaming you-know-what?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, it’s also claimed the WWE is scrubbing CM Punk out of their history, although the rewriting of history has been on a piece-by-piece and has not yet included wholesale denial of anything major. Some WWE sources believe also believe WWE 2K15 could be delayed by CM Punk’s lawsuit but it’s possible there are several ways for the video game developer to work around the issue in time for October, including limiting the character to a purchasable CM Punk DLC.

The idea that a CM Punk Vs. Sting match will take place apparently started with a website called KDrama Stars, which typically focuses on Korean media and K-pop stars. The headline screams out that CM Punk’s WWE return will transform into a “fatal fourway” between Punk, Brock Lesnar, Sting, and Roman Reigns.

“Pro Wrestling Smarks has reported that CM Punk is allegedly ready to return to the WWE after a long hiatus and his return could coincide with Sting’s WWE debut. Pro Wrestling Smarks then speculated that the CM Punk WWE return is actually going to be set up as a “party crasher” so that Sting’s WWE debut would have another big event happening on the promo. But that’s not all, in a previous report, Sting was rumored to challenge the winner of the Brock Lesnar vs John Cena match at Summerslam 2014. Could Brock Lesnar appear on Sting or CM Punk’s return to rain on their parade?”

No external links or sources were included to validate the rumor. Regardless, this WWE news was breathlessly repeated by the Franchise Herald.

“There are numerous speculations from fans as to how Sting will make his entrance in the promo…. Rumors of The Undertaker being his first fight excites the fans even more. However, it is reported that the undertaker is on leave from the franchise for what seems to be forever for his fans, so it might not be possible for him to take on Sting upon his entry on the WWE. Another name that has surfaced and is rumored to face the veteran wrestler on the WWE ring is John Cena, who is a very likely candidate, since it was reported previously that Sting’s debut might actually be in line with CM Punk’s rumored return. As reported, CM Punk will be playing the role of a party crasher during Sting’s promo, focusing the attention to him instead, and causing Sting to have another promo on a different date-one that will not involve CM Punk, or anyone for that matter, to crash it.”

If we’re reading this right, KDrama Stars discovered the rumor of CM Punk’s WWE return from some smark and Franchise Herald is repeating this information. But so far this rumor of a CM Punk Vs. Sting match hasn’t even been whispered among The Inquisitr’s sources.

CM Punk Facepalm

Some of the information is known to be correct, though. The idea that The Undertaker Vs. Sting might take place has Sting himself saying the WWE does not even need a streak story line excuse to make it happen. John Cena does count Sting as one of his dream matches. Finally, if CM Punk does in fact return, it probably would be as a party crasher.

Otherwise, it seems certain the WWE will set up Sting for a match some time in 2015, although we’re not certain who his opponent will be. We’re also pretty certain Sting Vs. CM Punk is highly unlikely in the foreseeable future, especially with the potential for a lawsuit dragging out for months or years on end.

Hypothetically, would you be interested in a CM Punk Vs. Sting match if it could happen?