Blake Shelton and Adam Levine Talk Love, Marriage, And… Babies? [Video]

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine were part of a fun interview with Ellen DeGeneres, along with the other two judges from The Voice, Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani. With the recent marriage of Adam Levine to Behati Prinsloo, it didn’t take Ellen long to jump right in the middle of all their personal lives. We love Ellen for that.

After two months of marriage, Adam admits to Ellen that he “adores” being married to his new beautiful wife. Blake Shelton points to Adam’s wedding ring and says, “You have a ring on. That’s so weird!” As reported by People Magazine, Adam chuckles out a response.

“I do. I know! I never really thought I would. It’s trippy. I’m such a child. How did this happen?”

Levine is actually love struck on the word “wife.” People Magazine reveals “I abuse that word right now, a lot!”

Adam, 35, goes on to say, “I’ll say it for no reason. I’ll say, ‘Where is my wife?’ And she’ll be right there. Wife, wife, wife. I love that term. I even changed the number on my phone to ‘Wife’ when she calls.”


Levine pulls out his cell phone to prove it to Blake Shelton, who is sitting right beside him.

Adam and Blake on Ellen

While Adam and Blake are locked in the moment with the term “wife” and Adam’s cell phone, Ellen begins to question Gwen Stefani about the birth of her newest baby boy, who just turned 6 months. Gwen reveals to Ellen that this her third son, and that she is surrounded by boys.

Blake Shelton should have seen it coming, but he had that deer in the headlights look on his face when Ellen turned and asked him point blank, “Now, Blake, are you going to be reproducing soon?”

Sheepish grin —

“Uh….. I mean…… No.”

“Ok, I respect that. But No.”

“NO!” Blake laughs.

adam and Blake 3

The dynamic between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton is certainly a riot as they co-judge on The Voice, but it’s even more fun to see their banter with the hilarious Ellen. Love, marriage, but no babies. At least not for Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.

Adam and Blake 4Adam and Blake 7

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