Jennifer Garner Mad At Ben Affleck For ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

When Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the reception over the video was unanimous — it was too adorable for words. That said, apparently Garner didn’t think it was cute.

Ben Affleck was nominated by Tyler Perry, and he had enlisted his wife Jennifer Garner to do the honors and one of his children to tape the whole challenge. In the video, Affleck said he would be nominating people he knew looked good in a wet t-shirt and rattled off names like Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel, Neil Patrick Harris, and Jennifer Garner.

Garner interrupted Affleck by pouring the bucket of ice cold water all over him, and he reacted instinctively by jumping into the pool and dragging his wife along with him. The only problem? Garner still had her phone on her.

The actress and mother of three told Access Hollywood what it was like to get thrown into the pool fully clothed and with her cell in her back pocket.

“If you drop your phone, or if your husband tosses you in the pool on the ALS Challenge, and you weren’t expecting it, and your phone was in your back pocket and it got killed… you have to go a day without your phone!”

That said, it wasn’t all too bad for the Men, Women and Children actress. Although she was upset at Ben initially, she enjoyed being phone free. “I had a day without my phone, and at first, it was, ‘Ben, you could have told me, so I could have taken it out of my pocket.”

She continued, “But it was so liberating not to have it and not to check it, and just be like, ‘Well, people will have to call me [at home] if they need me!'”

It seems everyone relies on their smart phones these days — even children. When Garner was asked if she lets Violet, 8, Seraphina, 5, and Samuel, 2, use cell phones, she said, “They don’t need it. Until I really feel the need, that’s where I’m strict. But I don’t know — I still have an 8-year-old, so I just know that I’m a long way from feeling like that’s something we need in our lives.”

This goes for computers too. The actress told ET, “I don’t let my kids on a computer without me right there. You have to be on top of it because it would take so little for them to see something that could be an image that sticks in their head they don’t want to see.”

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