Justin Bieber Lands In NYC, Meets Fans Ahead Of 'Fashion Rocks' Event

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Justin Bieber was said to be "relieved" on Monday after an assault charge against him was dropped by a Toronto court after the prosecutor said there was no reasonable prospect of conviction.

Shortly after the news broke, the 20-year-old pop/R&B superstar took to his social media accounts and posted a slew of mostly shirtless photos and videos set in a gym.

After that, the seemingly upbeat star was spotted lunching at the Sotto Sotto restaurant in Yorkville, Toronto with pals.

Bieber greeted fans outside the eatery, later jetting to New York City for reasons not yet known.

It's speculated that Justin and his team, which reportedly also included his grandparents, may have flown to the Big Apple ahead of Fashion Rocks. The music meets fashion event touches down Tuesday evening at the Barclays Center and on CBS at 9 p.m. ET.

Ryan Seacrest will host a star-studded lineup of 10 artists, including Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Usher.

Will the Biebs be there too, possibly with back-on girlfriend Selena Gomez?

(Video: Bieber and his Swedish trainer, Patrick Nilsson, featured in comical clips.)

Justin's homegrown fans were delighted to see the singer at Sotto Sotto.

(Video: September 8 in Toronto, Canada via Toronto CTV News.)

The now withdrawn assault charge arose after a claim that Bieber hit a limousine driver in Toronto in the wee hours of December 30, after he and five others were picked up outside a nightclub.

At the time, Bieber's lawyer for Los Angeles, Howard Weitzman, told the press his client was "innocent" of the assault charge. That position was maintained by his defense team throughout the case, and it was later claimed there were witnesses that could corroborate Bieber's "innocence" in the matter.

On Monday, Bieber's lawyer, Brian H. Greenspan, reiterated that waiting press outside the Toronto court:

Greenspan said the Crown made the right decision after investigating the complaint, the National Post reports.

He continued, "This is an example of the system working effectively and properly," adding that he was "pleased" at the decision and that the case against Bieber had no merit.

When asked by one reporter who he thought had allegedly assaulted the limousine driver, Greenspan said he believed the driver was not assaulted by anyone connected with Justin — or at all.

However, Bieber's legal troubles are not over in Canada.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: Justin Bieber at Sotto Sotto with guitarist and pal Dan Kanter in Toronto, Monday, September 8.)

On Tuesday, (Sep. 2), the Ontario Provincial Police said Bieber was arrested and charged with dangerous driving and assault Monday, after a collision between the singer's ATV and a paparazzo driving a minivan.

It allegedly led to a physical altercation on a country road near Justin's Stratford hometown on Friday, August 29.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: Justin getting his hair cut, in a photo he posted to his Shots account late Monday.)

OPP Constable Kees Wijnands told press that Justin was released on a promise to appear (or his lawyer) at a court in Ontario on September 29.

Statements from Bieber's lawyers blamed the incident on "the unwelcome presence of the paparazzi" and blasted photogs for interrupting the "peaceful retreat" of Justin and Selena - who was a passenger on the ATV - and arrived in Ontario with her beau on August 27.

Further details emerged Tuesday.

TMZ reported sources in Bieber's camp said there was a collision, but deny an assault or physical altercation took place between the singer and the paparazzo. The insiders claim the paparazzi did not get out of the minivan, but continued to take photos of the couple.

According to the sources, Bieber told the paparazzi to get off the property. It's claimed the land the couple rode on belongs to Jeremy Bieber, and the photogs allegedly trespassed in order to obtain photos to sell. [Note: Jeremy Bieber is Justin's father.]

TMZ claimed Bieber's camp vowed to fight the charges in court.

Justin Bieber And John Shahidi

(Photo: Justin with Shots app co-creator John Shahidi, in what looks like an elevator.)

Meanwhile, after jetting out of Toronto earlier on Monday, Justin posted several "treasure trail" posts of him getting ready to step out somewhere.

Fans speculated the "Baby" singer would make an appearance at Calvin Klein's REVEAL fashion event last night.

But if the Ontario native did show at Klein's event, it was an off-radar meet.

There is no news or sign that Justin went to the event, which would obviously be a huge signifier for his rumored Calvin Klein underwear contract.

For now, we'll leave you with a few pictures of a primped and preened Bieber putting a big smile on the faces of fans in New York City, and a little buzz on what tonight will bring.

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(Photo: The Biebs out and about late Monday in the Big Apple.)

Justin Bieber

(Photo: The singer posed happily for pictures with fans.)

Justin Bieber meets female fan in New York City

(Video: The singer meeting fans in New York City, late Monday, September 8.)

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