Have Siblings? Then You Will Relate To This Hilarious Video

Anyone who has siblings can relate to all those things that go on growing up and drive parents absolutely crazy. If you have a brother or sister, you know exactly what we’re talking about. This video, which has more than 3 million likes on YouTube, plainly puts 13-things that people with a sibling can relate to.

There is bound to be a rivalry among siblings, and it can get very petty. Things like wearing clothes without asking are a huge thing among girls or getting out of doing chores, can create incredible tension in an already rocky relationship.

However things are between you and your siblings, you will get into arguments about silly things, but there are certain conversations you can only have with a brother or sister and keep the relationship intact. Reminiscing about things that happened in the past are favorites.

Remember when this happened? And the list is probably very long and includes mean things you or the other person did, but somehow you get past it and can talk calmly about a nasty episode in your life.

Siblings are one of the few people that will be brutally honest with you. If you are doing something wrong, if you are gaining weight, even though they may not say it directly, you will get it. But if someone else, say, a friend touches on the same topic, your sibling becomes super defensive and will protect your dignity.

Name confusion or mistaken identity is a classic. Whether your parents did it (mine still do) or you do it with your own kids, not many people that have siblings are immune to this annoying habit. But it’s probably worse if you have opposite sex siblings. How can parents confuse a guy and a girl? It happens.

Passing the buck or getting out of a chore or situation in favor of a sibling is another very common strategy that adds to that rivalry between brothers and sisters. It can be a simple thing like helping mom or dad with the computer, but boy, it makes the other person crazy.

If you’re brother and sister, the abuse happens on a regular basis, because guys usually put up with a lot more than girls do. But no matter what, in the end you love your sibling unconditionally, even if they drive you crazy. Watch this video and tell us if you can relate.

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