Chloe Grace Moretz Says ‘The Equalizer’ Features Lots Of Depressing Wigs

Chloe Grace Moretz stars alongside veteran actor Denzel Washington in the upcoming adaptation of the 80s television series The Equalizer. The film, which hits theater this month, recently premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

After dazzling teenage moviegoers with the tear-jerking drama If I Stay, Chloe decided to shift gears a bit with Training Day director Antoine Fuqua’s upcoming action thriller. Instead of playing a bright-eyed cello players in a coma, Moretz tackles the role of a prostitute who wants former black ops commander Robert McCall (Washington) to help her escape the Russian mafia. Expect lots of gunplay and bloodshed.

During her recent chat with CraveOnline reporter William Bibbiani, Chloe Grace Moretz dished on the plethora of wigs she wore during The Equalizer. When Bibbiani asked which wig was her favorite, the actress said that all of them were vaguely depressing since her character, Teri, is essentially forced to hide behind them to please her clients.

“I don’t really have a favorite. They were sad wigs,” Chloe explained.

When asked who should equalize, Moretz took the high road and sad “bad people.” When pushed to put a finer point on her answer, the actress coughed up “gangsters” as a response. As you can tell from the video embedded below, it’s not the deepest interview you’re likely to find about her turn in The Equalizer, but it’s fun nonetheless. Kind of.

Since both Chloe Grace Moretz and Denzel Washington have a loyal following — this writer has no qualms about buy a ticket for this flicks — there’s a very good chance, The Equalizer could become a box office hit when it lands in theaters on September 26. In fact, Forbes writer Scott Mendelson believes the flick could become a franchise.

“The Equalizer is indeed a franchise-starter, warts and all. It establishes a would-be heroic character, gives that character a first major challenge while introducing at least a few worthwhile supporting characters who will hopefully parade around the edge of his adventures in a would-be sequel, and establishes the general template for which said hero will be called into battle. At the very least, the notion of an R-rated, adult-skewing action franchise is incredibly exciting as it’s the kind of thing that went the way of the dinosaur after the Columbine shootings 15 years ago.”

Are you planning to catch Chloe Grace Moretz and her array of depressing wigs when The Equalizer hits the big screen later this month?

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