Star Trek Celebrates Anniversary of 1966 Television Debut On NBC

Star Trek celebrates the 48th anniversary of the first Star Trek episode airing on NBC in 1966. “Trekkies” are sure to remember the date that Captain Kirk and Spock first led their crew into adventures in space exploration. Although met with mixed, if not poor, reviews, the original Star Trek had a “profound and enduring cultural impact,” according to Time. NJTV News adds that many fans are prompted to wear ears that resemble the popular character, Spock, on a day like today.

There is no denying that Star Trek and all of its series and movies have made an impact on young and old fans alike. From entertainment to science, the ideas created for the science-fiction classic resonated with many generations. Inquisitr recently reported on the OnBeep company’s $6.25 million product launch of the Star Trek-inspired communication device. With that technological achievement, first responders will be able to use simple badges to communicate as a team, similar to how crew members used “comm badges” throughout their space adventures. Even Forbes has devoted some time to explore the scientific and economic impact of the sci-fi show. From ideas about warp drive and universal translators, Star Trek certainly provided the science world with many thrilling innovations to explore and bring from science-fiction to reality.

Time recalls that the gadgets were indeed always deemed “cool,” even if the plots from the 1966 Original Star Trek series were not to some. The debut episode aired with Captain Kirk fighting off a vampire-like shape-shifting alien. Some critics of the time believed there were too many scientific impossibilities in the writing and blew the series off as silly fiction. It was no surprise that Star Trek was cancelled after three seasons. However, twelve movies with a $2 billion box office and several Star Trek television series later, Star Trek surprised all of its critics with an unprecedented success and longevity.

Recently George Takei, star of the original Star Trek TV series as Hikaru Sulu, revealed he would be delighted to join an upcoming Star Trek movie, especially on the heels of the 50th anniversary since the show’s debut. “All they have to do is ask me! I’m more than eager. As you know, Leonard Nimoy did two of the rebooted films with J.J. Abrams, and they’re preparing another one because in two years, Star Trek’s going to be 50 years old…so they’ll be coming out with another major feature film with a rebooted cast.” This is surely exciting news for all Trekkies.

The story of Star Trek‘s success is inspiring all on its own. Gene Roddenberry, creator and visionary behind the series, failed at airing the first pilot in 1964. After three short seasons, the first series were poorly reviewed by critics everywhere. WTVY reports that the franchise spun a “more optimistic view of the future” through Roddenberry that didn’t begin to develop a solid fan base until the 1970s when the cancelled show’s repeat episodes aired late at night with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForrest Kelly and George Takei. It was in that decade that the first movie took off.

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