Camilla Thurlow And Prince Harry Feeling Pressure To Get Married

Camilla Thurlow and Prince Harry have only been dating for a few months and have been “official” for even less time than that, but sources say some members of the royal family are already pushing them toward marriage.

The pressure is reportedly coming from Prince Harry’s own brother and sister-in-law, who may have ulterior motives for Harry and Camilla Thurlow to get married.

From Celeb Dirty Laundry:

“We’ve been hearing from several sources that both Kate and Will are putting pressure on Prince Harry to get married to Camilla Thurlow, and fast. Now, they don’t want him to get married for any of the reasons that Queen Elizabeth or Prince Charles want Harry to get married [become respectable, have babies, not ruin the royal reputation, etc.]. No, they want him to get married because they think that when he does, it’ll take the attention away from them – at least, temporarily. And then, Kate and Will can go get pregnant and have their second baby in peace.”

This report was published before Prince William and Kate Middleton made the official announcement that they are expecting a second child. On Monday, the royal family issued a statement that Kate is pregnant, but again suffering from the acute morning sickness that struck in her first pregnancy.

Even without the pressure from Prince William and Kate Middleton, sources say Prince Harry and Camilla Thurlow are moving toward marriage. The Daily Star quoted an “aristocratic source” who said Camilla seems like wife material.

“Camilla is a perfect girlfriend for Harry and could make an ideal royal wife,” the source said.

“She has impeccable breeding, is gorgeous, discreet and moves in the same social circles. And everyone thinks it’s hilarious that she has the same name as his stepmum.”

Other sources have said Camilla Thurlow is unlike anyone he’s dated before, which has actually helped the relationship move forward quickly.

“She’s the total opposite of other girls Harry’s dated, and it drives him crazy. She’s the most intelligent woman he’s ever been with. He’s in awe of her,” a source told OK! magazine. “She regularly turns him down for dates if she has something else going on and it’s making him want her more.”

But the rumors of marriage may be a bit premature. Prince Harry and Camilla Thurlow only just started “officially” dating as they took a vacation together to Saint Tropez.