Microsoft Surface Pro 3: 5 Reasons Why Apple Is Not Scared By This Tablet

Jonathan Franks - Author

May 3 2017, Updated 6:02 a.m. ET

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet has definitely been generating a lot of buzz online recently, especially since its performance and efficiency has exceeded far beyond the expectations of most consumers and critics.

It seems as if the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was primarily designed not just to compete against other tablets – but also directly against some high-end laptops as well.

In the recent advertisement titled, “Power,” Microsoft pitches the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 against the Apple MacBook Air for a direct hit that will leave many Apple fans stunned.

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You probably have already seen this advertisement several times since it was first released back in August. It was definitely the tiebreaker that compelled many people to seriously consider investing in the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 instead of saving up for the MacBook notebook they might have had their eyes set on beforehand.

However, here are 5 reasons why Apple is not scared by the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 at all:

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1. Operating System Soon to Be Outdated: One of the biggest highlights of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is its ability to operate Windows 8 as efficiently as it was designed to do. According to, it “perfectly embodies the spirit” of Windows 8. However, recent reports have stated that Microsoft will soon be releasing Windows 9. Rumors state that the new operating system will basically fix everything that consumers and critics have hated about Windows 8 – namely the Charms bar, Metro interface and lack of a Start button.

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2. Cannot Fully Match the MacBook Air: It is true that the impressive “Power” advertisement was able to effectively target a few selling points that the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has which the MacBook Air does not. However, according to Re/Code, there are still plenty of other areas (i.e. specifications, capabilities, screen resolution, overall performance, etc.) in which the MacBook Air still reigns supreme.

3. Microsoft Lost a Lot of Money: Another reason why Apple is not scared by the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet is because it has become apparently clear that Microsoft has lost a substantial amount of money because of the entire Surface collection. Computer World reported that Microsoft lost hundreds of millions of dollars on the line of Surface tablets throughout the 2013-2014 fiscal year — leading to a total loss of $1.7 billion since 2012. Chances are that the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will do very little to fill that hole.

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4. Apple MacBooks Are More Popular: It doesn’t matter how many clever commercials Microsoft creates for the Surface Pro 3 tablet. The bottom line is that Apple MacBooks are still more popular. Studies have proven that the increased popularity of Apple Macs in general is mostly because of the popularity and prevalence of the MacBook Air.

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5. Apple Has Something Up Their Sleeves: If the rumor mill is correct, Apple has an ace up their sleeve that is going to trump most of their competitors – including Microsoft. Recently, Apple recruited a “dream team” of experts specifically for a secret development project. Even though they have tried to keep it hidden from the public, reports show that they are creating a revolutionary smart device that will outdo the iPhone, iPod and the iPad. With Apple shares increasing steadily, one can only imagine what Apple has in store.

While the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet is definitely one of the most impressive tablets available on the market today, it is apparently clear that Apple has nothing to worry about.

[Image Credit: Business Insider]


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