Michael Vick Games Don’t Get Aired In One Philadelphia Bar

Five years ago, after Michael Vick had signed on with the Philadelphia Eagles, one bar owner in the Pennsylvania city took a stand against airing the team’s games because of Vick’s dog-fighting convictions.

But, now that Vick is no longer a member of the team, the owner is allowing the airing of Eagles games again. According to a report from NBC 10 Philadelphia, Pat Brett has repealed her ban showing Eagles games, after it was announced that Vick signed on to play for the New York Jets.

“When I initially started the ban, I said I would not show any Eagles game for as long as Michael Vick was employed [by the Eagles].”

Brett noted that fans understood her position, and she would suggest other bars in which they could watch the games. If a patron asked to watch any other team, Brett said she had no problem with fulfilling that request.

Once it was announced that Vick wasn’t a member of the team anymore, fans started asking if she would show the games again.

“People immediately contacted me.”

With Vick going to the Jets, however, Brett said she will not show any of that teams’ games at her bar. And while Michael Vick may no longer be a member of the Eagles, Brett mentioned that she will never be a fan of them again.

“The Eagles are done for me. I won’t ever support them again — for hiring him in the first place.”

Michael Vick Gets Prepped For Game

As for Michael Vick, he was only in for three plays during the Jets’ season-opening victory against the Oakland Raiders. According to a report from The Star-Ledger, Vick’s appearances all took place in the red zone, and they were all some kind of trick play.

While they didn’t do much for the team’s win, Michael Vick said he liked running the plays.

“I thought the packages were pretty cool. Obviously, I wish that I could have had an impact on the game—hopefully I did. I’ve got to keep working—I play quarterback; I play quarterback full-time when it’s required.”

And while the Jets pulled out some interesting plays for Michael Vick, the quarterback assured that he will not be found as a receiver.

“You know what? I can’t catch the ball.”

In a related report from The Inquisitr, Michael Vick was signed onto the Jets shortly after the team announced they were releasing Mark Sanchez. Vick has a one-year, $5 million contract with the Jets.

[Featured image credit: Bill Kostroun/FR51951 AP via Fox Sports — Inline image credit: Brad Penner — USA TODAY Sports via Fansided]