WWE News: WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Will Not Require A Second Surgery

In what can only be seen as good news, WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan may be back sooner than we all thought. It was originally said that Bryan was not recovering well from the surgery he had months ago on his neck. The surgery seemed to cause other issues for Bryan and, he was unable to return to the WWE as soon as planned. Due to his style of wrestling, WWE was not about to rush the leader of the Yes Movement and was more than willing to let him heal up.

This was big for Bryan as he was not only having to recover from his surgery but other nagging injuries as well. The break would help him heal completely.

However, it appears as if Bryan will no longer need a second surgery. As I reported on The Inquisitr a while back, the rumor going around was that Bryan would need Tommy John Surgery to repair the UCL, an area in the arm that normally affects pitchers. It is also the area where Bryan had much of his trouble. Bryan had lost a great deal of arm strength, which is why the surgery was a big possibility.

Obviously, Bryan would be out a lot longer than we would like if he had such a surgery as the recovery time for most is nine months to a year. That being said, if he could avoid it, he’d be back quicker. It seems that Bryan can, and Brie Bella claimed today during a promotional tour for Total Divas that Bryan is doing heavy rehab and regaining his lost strength.

Brie Bella Daniel Bryan

The idea is that if he can regain all the strength he had lost doing the rehab then he’d obviously be able to bypass the surgery and get back in the ring as his neck seems to have healed up relatively well. While there is no exact timetable for Bryan’s return, if the rehab continues to help then a “working” return time would be about three months from now.

That means Daniel Bryan could return at the Royal Rumble or just before it. While Roman Reigns is favored to win the Royal Rumble and go on to face the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania 31, Bryan will most likely start a major program with someone around this time. There is no current storyline in place yet because WWE cannot plan for things involving Bryan if he is not healed up.

Most wrestling pundits feel that he will have a marquee match at WrestleMania if he is back in WWE by January. However, Bryan will have to make his decision soon to give WWE enough time to build some heat for his next rivalry.

Brie Bella has already made her return to the WWE, so obviously Bryan wants to join his wife as soon as possible. Whether or not he is able to within three months is up in the air. Hopefully, he can manage to avoid surgery and come back as strong as ever.

[Image credits: wrestlinghdwallpapers.blogspot.com and playmakeronline.com