Kyle Richards Teases A Few 'RHOBH' Spoilers And Talks About The New Friendships Forming

Kyle Richards returns to season 5 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and she took some time away from taping to give an interview. Speaking with Parade magazine, Richards opens up about different topics and gives fans a few teasers about what's ahead on the new season. It's hard to tell if there's going to be any real drama since spoilers for the show have revealed there's anything but as Radaronline reported a few weeks ago. The report explained that everyone is "getting along," and it's a real "snooze-fest."

So, given how much heat Kyle took in season 4 for her marriage to Mauricio amid cheating rumors, she admits that she's had rougher seasons.

"... Other seasons have been a lot harder. We have a lot of conflict and issues, but ultimately I do care about these women and we do have a lot of fun together as well, so I was like, 'ok, let's do this' [laughs]."
What about friendship dynamics on RHOBH? With newcomers Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna entering the scene, has that turned things upside down in the cast? Richards says things are evolving as the women all get to know each other better.
"It's still early in the season. A lot of relationships are shifting and changing, so it's kind of hard to say right now. We are currently still filming now, we're right smack in the middle of it."
Kyle Richards adds that each relationship is unique. There are a few friendships that have a ways to go on Real Housewives as fans witnessed when season 4 closed out.
"Each one is very different. Some I'm still working on mending things, others I'm getting closer to. Each one is so individual and things change on a day-to-day basis."
Kyle didn't offer any real details on what happens in RHOBH when it returns.

"You know what, you have to tune in and see! There's a lot going on with that," the Real Housewives star says.

As The Inquisitr reported in a related article, Kyle Richards tells Parade magazine what makes her marriage to Mauricio Umansky as strong as it is.

"I think that respecting each other as individuals and just making each other a priority for date night—I know that sounds like such a cliché but it's true. We just like to keep our family tight and together all the time, I think that really gives you a strong foundation. I think it also has to do with the planets aligning, too."
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