Perrie Edwards’ Parents Embarrass Her In Front Of Zayn Malik

One Direction member Zayn Malik has been committed to Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards for quite some time now. Zayn and Perrie have talked about how comfortable they are together and how simple their perfect date together would be. There has also been talk of Zayn Malik’s marriage to Perrie Edwards but no date is currently set. But Zayn Malik seems to be taking the first steps to becoming part of Perrie’s family. He’s been getting close to her parents.

As is often the case when couples meet each other’s family, there are plenty of embarrassing moments in store for Zayn Malik’s main squeeze. According to Unreality TV, Perrie Edward’s parents have been showing Zayn Malik her baby photos, which is one of the biggest parental offenses you can make. The good news is, Perrie doesn’t seem to mind what her parents show Zayn.

“Haha, they love a good baby photo,” Perrie said to We Love Pop magazine. “I love all my baby photos though. I’m not really embarrassed by them so I don’t mind them showing Zayn.”

While Perrie may not embarrass easily, she isn’t quite as much of a risk taker as Zayn Malik. In the interview with We Love Pop, she also talked about the most adventurous thing she would ever do, which doesn’t turn out to be very adventurous.

“I wouldn’t do something like skydiving; I’m such a wimp! I’d try snowboarding and skiing cos that looks cool. I’d like to be able to skateboard, but I’m useless.”

Maybe Zayn and Perrie have more in common than they think, since Zayn’s ideal date is a quiet night inside with the love of his life.

While Perrie and Zayn did get some time off together this week, Zayn Malik has been keeping busy with One Direction. Maybe the stress of touring has been getting to the members of the band, because some reports have been coming out lately of their crazy antics on stage, including Niall Horan spanking Liam Payne during a performance and a more recent report that Harry Styles almost hit Zayn Malik in front of the audience. Cambio reported on the funny accident, sharing a Vine of Styles whacking Zayn in the face while he was bending down to pick something up. You can see Zayn take the hit like a man in the video below.

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