Kevin Smith Offers Up Clip From New Film 'Tusk'

Joseph Medina

Kevin Smith's upcoming horror film Tusk may have one of the most interesting and hilarious origin stories of any film in recent memory. Derived from a prank posting on a website called Gumtree, Smith was quick to jump on the idea of an old man turning another man into a walrus, and within a year and a half's time, the film is already facing an impending release in the comings weeks--September 19th, to be exact.

We've already seen a trailer of the film, but as of yesterday, we were also given a treat in the form of a one-minute clip from the film, featuring the film's lead Justin Long, who is being held captive against his will and slowly being turned into a walrus by a demented old man (Michael Parks). Check out the clip below!

At this point in Tusk, it looks as though the grim transformation of Long's character has already begun, but we'll have to wait until its release to see how horrible and twisted the whole thing can get, and it'll be interesting to see how Smith's filmmaking skills have progressed since Red State, which was also Smith's first foray into horror genre.

While response to Smith's Red State was mixed at best, Tusk seems to be getting some decent momentum on the critical front, with positive nods from The Hollywood Reporter, IndieWire, and Joblo, it seems very possible that we're being treated to Smith's best film yet.


Not one to let the creative train roll by, Smith is already hard at work at his next film, which surprisingly enough, is a spinoff of Tusk, following two girls who run a convenience store in Tusk (sound familiar, Clerks fans?). Smith's new movie will be called Yoga Hosers and will star his daughter Harley Quinn Smith, as well as Johnny Depp's daughter Lily-Rose Depp.

According to Smith, he will be aiming to get a PG-13 rating from the MPAA on it, which will be the first he's had since Jersey Girl exactly one decade back. As of right now, he deep in the throes of filming the movie, and you can listen in on the movie's progress on the latest Smodcast episode.

Last year, Smith was insistent on retiring from the filmmaking business altogether, but now with the creation of Tusk, it looks like the floodgates have opened, and we'll be getting more film content from Smith than we ever have before. Is this for good or for bad? We shall soon see, but if nothing else, this exercise in creativity looks to be an interesting watch.

Will you be making it out to Tusk on September 19th? Let us know below!