Ranger’s Washington Reason For Resigning Was Personnel, Not Personal

More is being revealed about why Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington resigned on Friday, and it’s more a personnel matter than a personal matter.

Nolanwritin.com is reporting an argument between Rangers general manager Jon Daniels and Washington may have prompted Washington to resign. On Friday, Washington left the team facility after telling the Rangers players and assistant coaches of his resignation. At that time, Washington gave no reason why he left, other than there was a personal matter to attend to. At his press conference, Daniels would only say Washington’s resignation was not related to Washington’s documented drug issues.

There has been speculation reported by the same website a day before of a feud growing between Daniels and Washington. However, sources close to the team have revealed that Daniels was preparing to shut down starting pitcher Yu Darvish. Washington, upon hearing this, argued, stating as long as Darvish is healthy, he should continue to pitch. Daniels responded, saying the season was lost anyway (53-89, 33.5 games back, lost 8 in a row) and to rest Darvish’s arm for next season.

This led to a screaming match near the batting cages between Washington and Daniels, which then moved inside. A while later, Darvish’s season was done, then Washington’s tenure as Rangers head coach was done soon after. Thursday, September 4, Washington wrote on the team white board, “Team meeting tomorrow at 3PM.” At 2 PM on Friday, Washington handed Daniels his resignation. An hour later, Washington informed his former players of his decision and left.

Darvish’s last game pitched was in Houston, and soon after, Darvish was placed on injured reserve by Daniels. Darvish began complaining about a sore elbow right after the Houston game.

It was almost clear at moment that Ron Washington wasn’t happy about that decision. Jon Daniels made a puzzling comment that if the Rangers were in the playoff hunt that he would be pitching. But, a report from the Yu Darvish camp said that Yu Darvish was he was sore and was unable to even throw.

Darvish was sent to the team doctor during that time and it only revealed a mild strain and no issues. It was shortly after that Ron Washington said that Yu Darvish should pitch and return to them if he doesn’t want the team to think he quit on them.

It was shortly after that remark that Ron Washington started to backtrack on his comments. Fast forward almost a month, on Thursday Yu Darvish was supposed to go to the team doctor to be re-evaluated, but it wasn’t done during the day some reason. It was supposed to happen at night, which is very strange.

Although nothing concrete has been announced, this pattern of behavior would indicate a rift between Washington and Daniels had started and grown wider, to the point that Washington had no other choice but to leave the team.

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