‘Utopia’ Spoilers: What Can Viewers Expect From This New Fox Reality TV Show?

The new show Utopia begins airing on Fox on Sunday night, and there are many showing interest in following the show. While it is a reality TV show, there is no big money prize or winner at the end of it all. What’s the scoop on this new show, and what Utopia spoilers are available so far?

Entertainment Weekly shares a few Utopia spoilers from the first few days of the live feed streaming. It’s been a very busy few days that include a medical evacuation, fighting, hook-ups, and even part of the initial group segregating themselves to create a second group. One contestant lost her spot on the new show right as things were getting started, and there will be people coming and going along the way. This so-called experiment, and show, is slated to last for a year, but will people tune in to see what’s going on?

The premise is that 15 “pioneers” come together to live in a remote camp area outside Los Angeles. They are given very little in the way of supplies and they are left to create their own community. Reports indicate that the Utopia live feeds have logged more than a million views during just the first few days, and it is clear that people are tracking and buzzing about this one. It’s been compared a bit to the CBS show Big Brother, but there definitely seem to be more differences than similarities when comparing these two shows.

What Utopia spoilers have come from the live feeds so far? One pioneer is pregnant, and there are two romantic couples already. As TMZ notes, Utopia contestant Andrea Cox was booted off the show when it was discovered she had managed to sneak a cellphone into her hotel during sequester prior to the show beginning. She was researching fellow contestants, a strategy the show clearly wasn’t going to let fly.

Another contestant, Hex, had to be taken to the hospital due to dehydration, TMZ shared. It seems there may have been some alcohol involved in this one, sources indicate. Hex has returned, but it seems there are other pioneers struggling with dehydration issues already as well. Another pioneer, Josh, got drunk and not only got into a physical confrontation with one of the guys, he managed to offend several of the ladies in the group. The group held their own version of a trial and decided to let him stay, but he’s on probation and needs to stay sober for 90 days.

In the few days these pioneers have been together, there has already been epic fights and meltdowns, and people are anxious to see it all play out on-screen. There will be some pioneers voted out and new ones added into the mix, and the viewers will get to have a say, to an extent, in how that is done. There will be a lot to keep up with on this show, but it is generating quite a bit of early buzz and people seem to be quite intrigued.

Utopia premieres on Sunday, September 7 on Fox. After that, the show will air on Tuesdays and Fridays. There are also live feeds available, as well as a paid feed version that is uncensored. Will you be tuning in to check out Utopia?

[Image via Adam Rose/Fox]