Sherri Shepherd Dating: Is Former ‘The View’ Host Finding Love Again?

Is Sherri Shepherd dating someone new in the wake of her bitter split from husband Lamar Sally? That’s what some outlets are reporting, and the former The View host’s fans will be thrilled to hear she is finding happiness again. What’s the scoop?

According to the Daily Mail, Sherri Shepherd is dating Johnny Gill of New Edition. Apparently Sherri, 47, and Johnny, 48, initially met in June when the band appeared on The View. It seems that a relationship blossomed from there. A show source apparently revealed that Sherri is a big fan of New Edition and she was excited to have them on the show. Once Sherri and Johnny met, though, they “really connected and exchanged personal contact information.”

Supposedly the two started connecting via FaceTime frequently and things grew from there. Sources say that Shepherd has been flying out to different locations where New Edition has been playing, and the two have shared some pictures together via social media. However, Sherri has apparently told friends that she’s taking things slowly in this new relationship.

As Shepherd’s fans know, she’s had two very difficult divorces. Though it had seemed she had found happiness with Lamar Sally, their split has been quite ugly. In fact, the two had been expecting a baby via surrogate. Though the baby boy now has been born, Sherri has distanced herself from the baby, her ex and the entire situation. Johnny Gill has never been married, but it seems he has a son with a former girlfriend.

It seems Sherri isn’t the only one doing some flying for this new romance. Gill apparently flew to New York for Shepherd’s last episode of The View on July 31. He wasn’t seen on-camera, reportedly because they are trying to keep the relationship low-key. A source indicates that Sherri “enjoys having a man who can actually take care of her.” From the sounds of things, Gill is definitely a different kind of guy compared to Shepherd’s two former husbands, and he may well be a good fit for her.

While Sherri Shepherd’s dating life has never been something she’s made too public, she is all smiles in the photos she has shared online that include Gill. A recent one of Sherri and Johnny posted on Shepherd’s Instagram says, “I love the spirit of joy that @realjohnnygill22 brings to everything he does – including friendship – his smile is beautifully infectious -#allnitecrazies.”

Could this “friendship” with Johnny Gill indeed be blossoming into something more substantial? Is Sherri Shepherd dating the New Edition singer, or have they just become close friends? It is definitely looking romantic and the comedian’s fans can’t wait to see if it becomes something serious.

[Image via Parade]