‘Revenge’ Spoilers: Season 4 Brings Big Changes For Emily, Daniel, Jack And Others

Season 4 of Revenge is almost set to debut, and fans cannot wait to see where things head in these new episodes. A lot went down at the end of Season 3, and it is clear that the new season will be headed down a very different kind of path. Fans want Revenge spoilers, and it looks like there are some juicy ones available.

TV Line teases Revenge spoilers that there is a whole new attitude for the show as a whole ahead. Viewers apparently will no longer see any flash-forwards, for one thing. In addition, Victoria is going to be focused yet calm. As Season 3 ended, she was in a psych ward, but it doesn’t sound like that necessarily lasts for long. Emily is, naturally, going to be working through Aiden’s death and facing the fact that her original mission of revenge is supposedly finished. However, fans know she’s in store for big changes with her father’s return.

As for the return of David, this is going to be managed slowly. Those behind the show want viewers to be able to savor each of the character’s reactions to his return, and it’s going to be a juicy array of emotions. As for David and Emily’s relationship, Revenge spoilers indicate that it won’t be what people would naturally expect. It sounds like these two are going to have a lot to work through before it’s all sunshine and hugs.

When it comes to Conrad, viewers will see more on his fate within the first couple of minutes of episode 4×01. Is he really dead? It certainly looked like it, but the show will put the final nail in the coffin, so to speak, as the new season begins. When it comes to Daniel and that dead woman in his bed, it seems the naughty incident will bring about a significant change in Daniel.

What about Jack? Revenge spoilers indicate that he will, of course, be back, but he will most definitely not be the Jack viewers have seen in seasons past. Apparently viewers will be pretty shocked at what lies ahead for him. Revenge spoilers indicate that while he was last seen being put into handcuffs for Charlotte’s kidnapping, somehow in Season 4 he will become a cop himself. That is definitely worth tuning in to see come together.

Buddy TV shares Revenge spoilers that Season 4, in great part, will focus on Emily trying to figure out both who Amanda Clarke is and what her life is now that her father is alive and back. Granted, at this point nobody knows exactly when the two will reunite, as it seems it may not right away. In addition, it’s not as if David will come back and be the most stable guy, it seems. There are emotional and psychological issues involved and it will be interesting to see it all play out.

Season 4 of Revenge premieres on September 28 on ABC. What do you hope to see when it comes to Jack, David, Emily, Daniel, Victoria, Nolan, and the rest?

[Image via Just Jared]