Pizza Hut Introduces ‘Bacon And Cheese’ Stuffed-Crust Pizza, Mouths Water

Pizza Hut has been doing some interesting things lately. They have been serving up pizza and a flick in the Middle East. Pizza Hut has been giving away free pizza to fantasy football leagues. Despite reports that have suggested struggling profits, and also falling to the “fast food protests”, Pizza Hut seems to keep offering up some good things.

The country music star Blake Shelton has been in charge of their advertising as of late, and up until now it has not meant a lot to everyone, except Taylor Swift.

It was Pizza Hut’s new spokesperson that introduced the new limited time pie, hopefully soon to be mainstay, Bacon and Cheese stuffed-crust Pizza. According to PR Week, Pizza Hut states it is the “world’s shortest press release.”

‘There’s bacon. In the crust! You’re welcome, America!

Pizza Hut PR director Doug Terfehr stated that the simple introduction was the best introduction possible to their new creation.

“If ever there was a product innovation that we think is pretty simple once you see it and hear about it, we think the Bacon Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza is it, so we think that simply stating it was an effective way to communicate what it is.”

According to PR Week, the decision was based on the parent company Yum! Brands “relationship with journalists” and how they rarely “read a full press release.”

“We communicate very much in 140 characters, so this is our way of addressing some of the behaviors that we see when we interact with media anyway. You typically can get the point pretty quickly, and we think this product in a quick explanation gets you there.”

The company seems to have little shame when flogging their new product on Twitter.



For some reason, the majority of the reports on the Pizza Hut’s new concoction have been relatively recent, but it was announced at least a week ago. Foodbeast briefly reported on the swine and cheese pie.

“That being said, the pizza chain has taken a few simple steps back and released a new stuffed crust pizza that should hit close to home: Cheese and Bacon.”

The new bacon crazed pizza is at the top of the list when you head over to, and Twitter has been a buzz ever since the news hit the web.

Though, it has been quite difficult to find one bad comment, one tweet had the only negative tone in all of Twitter. The post was by @meagannn_tron.

“Pizza hut has a new crust stuffed with cheese and bacon. In other news coffins will be stuffed with you.”

The new bacon infused stuffed-crust pizza will only set you back $11.99. Most would say that is a small price to pay for bacon goodness. Granted, if you have religious objections or an animal rights issue, you might not be as stoked.

If there is one thing Twitter proves, it would appear that the former more heavily occupies Twitter.

So, which group do you belong to? Will you ordering out for Bacon and Cheese stuffed-crust pizza?

[ Images Via Twitter And Wikimedia Commons ]