Lady Gaga To Audience At Fashion Week: ‘Will You [EXPLETIVE] Shut Up’

Lady Gaga unloaded on some rude fans last night at New York’s Fashion Week, according to Newsday.

I think we can all agree that when people go to watch someone play music, or tell jokes, or give a lecture, it’s just common courtesy to give the performer their full attention, especially in a smaller venue. Unfortunately for some individuals last night at New York’s Plaza Hotel, they didn’t offer Lady Gaga that courtesy… and they were called out for it.

Lady Gaga and her band were playing jazz for the attendees at the Fashion Week’s Harper’s Bazaar party at the Plaza. Apparently, Gaga wasn’t happy with all the chatter from the crowd, so she stopped in the middle of her second song.

“Will you [expletive] shut up? We’re playing some jazz. Goddamn rich people.”

According to reports, all the stunned crowd of a few hundred could do was look on in open-mouthed silence. Lady Gaga restarted the song and finished her set in fine fashion, hitting the high notes and doing a spectacular rendition of songs from her upcoming jazz album with Tony Bennett. The collaboration with the legendary crooner is called Cheek To Cheek and will be released on September 23.

Attendees at the party at the Plaza included — (and we’re not confirming that these were the rude ones!) — Brooke Shields, Donatella Versace, Liberty Ross, and R&B singers Maxwell and Miguel.

Since it was Fashion Week, it’s probably mandatory to talk about what Lady Gaga was wearing. The 28-year-old singer wore a leather dress her sister made for her and was sporting short, blonde hair.

When Lady Gaga performed a cover of Cole Porter’s “Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye,” she dedicated to the tune to her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney from Chicago Fire, and her family.

“So, if you all keep it down while I sing my boyfriend a song, I’d appreciate it.”

The Harper’s Bazaar event at the New York Plaza was to honor women in fashion, according to Fox News, including Brooke Shields, Linda Evangelista, and Lady Gaga. When Gaga was asked about the event beforehand on the red carpet, she was asked what a fashion icon was.

“An icon, I believe, is somebody that has a strong message behind their beauty and I think that all of the women that are here tonight have that. I’m not sure that I have it, but I am pretty happy to be on the list with all these supermodels, so thank you.”

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