Brandi Glanville Wishes Lisa VanderPump Gave Her a Chance

Brandi Glanville- the woman Eddie Cibrian left alone to raise their kids as he went off to marry LeAnn Rimes- has made her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills debut, and she says she wishes the women on the show had been a bit nicer to her.

Glanville spoke a lot at the time of her split from Cibrian about how she struggled to cope with the traumatic end of her marriage and alleged affair between Cibrian and Rimes while the two worked on the Lifetime TV production Northern Lights. Cibrian and Rimes wed rather quickly, and Glanville ended up on the reality show.

Things were rocky from the get go for the former celebrity wife, and there were words between Glanville and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa VanderPump about Glanville’s friendship with Cedric Martinez. After the confrontation, Glanville said she was at least pleased that she was party to the criticism:

“Lisa said things to my face- although I was a bit intimated by her. I respect that so much more than behind your back gossip.”

Glanville said she’d hoped her situation would have eased her transition into the circle, but was disappointed:

“I have been through an extremely hard couple of years that I wouldn’t wish on any woman! My family was broken apart and I was devastated while trying to raise my two little boys as my world crumbled around me… Knowing these women now, I’d like to think that if they had a little more background on my situation when we first met they would have been nicer.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.