‘Duck Dynasty’: Phil Robertson Says Sarah Palin Needs To Be In The White House

The Duck Dynasty family is getting political once again with Phil Robertson opining that America needs “moose-cooking women” like Sarah Palin to be in the White House. But considering that previous polls show Palin would do very poorly in a 2016 presidential election — even in her home state of Alaska — this idea was probably just intended as a joke. We think.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Phil Robertson went political recently in one of his interviews, discussing why he thinks there is such a large debate over civil rights, racism, and gun control. Phil even claimed the best way to handle the ISIS terrorist group is to “convert or kill them.”

The reason the Duck Dynasty family was invited to Alaska by Sarah Palin was for Operation Heal Our Patriots wilderness retreat in Port Alsworth. Sarah and her husband Todd met with veterans, who also had a chance to hang out with Si, Alan, Jep, Kay, and Phil Robertson along with other family friends that are part of the cast. The event itself was not intended on being political in nature and instead provided a chance for the families of veterans to rest and relax.

Now, the video that has Phil Robertson inferring a Sarah Palin 2016 presidential run is a good idea was produced by SarahPAC, which is dedicated to supporting political candidates that Palin believes in. A large part of their discussion focused on how politics in America needs to be based upon a restoration to the principles of the founding fathers, not a transformation as some desire.

“I’m thinking, you know what, I think if we loved God and loved each other, I think our culture would put spiritual men in high places to make political decisions would be better off. All I did was go back to and see what George Washington said about God, Jesus, the Bible, and politics… what John Adams said, what Thomas Jefferson said, what James Madison… I’m sorry, they were all Godly men, every one of them… We are absolutely blowing it and it saddens me. James Madison, the architect of our Constitution, he said, ‘We have staked the whole future of American civilization not upon the power of government.’ He said to the contrary, we’ve staked the future of all our political institutions on the ability of each of ourselves to govern, to sustain ourselves, and to control ourselves based upon the 10 Commandments of God.”

Of course, this Madison quote is controversial itself since it’s claimed by secondary sources that Madison may have said it in a speech, but we have no written record left from a primary source directly penned by Madison.

The video also showed Phil Robertson discussing a variety of topics, both political and yummy (after all, this was a BBQ). At one point in the video, Phil says, “What I’m saying to all America, Alaska included, is that we all need to repent and turn to God and turn our country around and get off this crap we’ve running on for 30 years.”

This fits in neatly with previous political statements by Phil, who has said that both Republicans and Democrats need to repent and turn back to God. The next section had Sarah Palin saying that being a true conservationist means using the resources we were given in a responsible, clean, and sustainable manner (just not like the “wackos in LA”). On the topic of racism, Phil believes that separating humanity into distinct races like African-Americans, Native Americans, etc. is not a good idea since he says there’s only one human race and creating those labels creates division.

In the end, their political discussion turned to talk on moose sausage, and how much he liked Palin’s cooking. And that’s when Phil said, “We need moose cooking women in the White House.” So… Sarah Palin 2016?