Pamela Anderson Strips Down for ‘Makeunder’

Pamela Anderson is known for many things, including her “rock star groupie” look. Her scantily-clad screen time as a star of the television show Baywatch as well as her sex tape with rocker Tommy Lee may be the most well-known of her unusual career. Now 47, Pamela Anderson is as beautiful as ever, though, and shows a new side of that on the cover of NoTofu magazine.

The cover features Pamela in what is dubbed a “makeunder” by Fox News. The woman famous for her wild hair, gobs of makeup, low-cut and often sleeveless outfits, and other accouterments is shown on the NoTofu cover with a bob cut, little makeup, and wearing a high-collar blouse with a matching bow in her very down-played hair. The look, which comes right out of the reform school 1950s and it’s only the beginning.

1409752611_pam-no-tofu-467The issue of NoTofu features a photo spread of Anderson in a retro-inspired series shot by Zoey Grossman and styled by JAK. So far, the fashion world seems to think that the departure from the usual Pamela Anderson curve-hugging, low-cut clothing and wild hair and makeup is a great thing. It certain seems to show that the middle-aged Pamela still has what it takes to make waves in fashion, according to US Weekly.

The simple, minimalist style Pamela Anderson sports for that front cover is echoed by the quarterly magazine’s title. Inside, Anderson is shown wearing makeunder fashions from Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu, and others.

Pamela Anderson seems to be taking a turn towards middle aged stability, pulling away from her sex symbol lifestyle. Pamela told New York Magazine in November that she cut her hair because Anderson decided she was okay with herself.

“My hair was so much a part of my personality and all my photo shoots. I hid behind my hair.”

1409586502531_wps_5_Pamela_Anderson_NOTOFU_2_Citing the makeunder, the Daily Mail asked “Is that really you Pamela Anderson?” Although the interior photos do have some more “tempting” poses, the look and feel Pamela gives is still all schoolgirl innocent and 1950s-era beauty-without-sex, the magazine says.

As for her love life, Anderson has filed a petition to dismiss her July request for divorce from husband Rick Salomon, says this Inquisitr report.