Rod Stewart Gets Sued For Using A Picture Of The Back Of His Own Head! [Video]

Who would have ever thought that Rod Stewart’s head would cause such a stir? Rod Stewart is being sued for ripping off a photographer’s work by duplicating an image and using it to promote his new show in Las Vegas.

The image is a shot of the back of Rod Stewart’s head with the phrase, “Rod’s Back!” Kind of catchy, actually. But it seems as though Rod is about to catch it for possibly infringing on a professional photographer’s work.

It all started back in 1989 when photographer “Bonnie Schiffman captured a shot of the back of Rod’s trademark bouffant hairstyle and licensed it for the cover of his box set, ‘Storyteller,'” as reported by MSN.

Schiffman states that Arnold Stiefel (Stewart’s agent) contacted her in 2010 wanting to use the photo again for an advertising campaign and billboards for Rod Stewart. But Schiffman was insulted by the mere $1,500 offer that was made to her for rights to the image, so she said no, as reported by Billboard.

Now, all of a sudden, a picture, almost identical to the one she took of Rod back in the 80s has become the crux of his marketing strategy for his comeback in Vegas. This, of course, does not sit well with Schiffman.

Billboard reports that the complaint was filed against Rod Stewart on Thursday in California federal court, and states the exploitation of the “replicate image, an unmistakable copy is impermissible without authorization.”

Schiffman’s attorney, William Hochberg states, “It has a powerful punch for the millions of fans that know that album. We think that’s why they’re using it,” reports Reuters.

“It’s a rip off of the photo my client took.”

Rod Stewart 3

Schiffman is seeking injunctive relief and not less than $2.5 million in compensatory and punitive damages. Rod Stewart could not be reached for comment.

Enjoy this video of Rod singing, “Every Picture Tells A Story.” Kind of ironic here. Sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.

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