Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Exec Producer For Nick Cage Film: Wants To Convert Non-Christians {Video}

Willie Robertson, one of the stars of A&E’s reality series Duck Dynasty, is pursuing a new adventure. He is one of the executive producers of a new feature film, Left Behind, which stars Nicholas Cage. The movie is based on the faith-based books by the same name by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, which depicts the end times and the return of Jesus Christ.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals Willie Robertson as admitting,

“Like most Christians, my family and I can truly say that we’re excited about the soon return of Jesus,” he says. “And I’m sure if you’ve been watching the news lately, you know that that return could be any day now.”

Robertson reveals to Christian Post that he is not only excited but proud to be a part of this feature film Left Behind, which he says really brings the best-selling novel to life.

“It’s a film that audiences need to see to believe — are you ready?”

Paul Lalonde, screenwriter and producer of Left Behind. says he is thrilled that Willie Robertson is a part of the team, “and that he shares the same vision for Left Behind and its message that will be brought to moviegoers around the world.”

Lalonde goes on to inform Christian Post, “Willie and I are both on the same page not only theologically but also in our commitment to high quality entertainment that reaches a wide audience. Working with him has been inspiring.”

Left Behind is described as an action-packed thriller which follows the life of Rayford Steele, portrayed by Nicholas Cage, “who is piloting a plane during the Rapture when millions of people around the globe simply vanish.

On the ground, his daughter, Chloe Steele (Cassi Thomson) is among those left behind, forced to navigate a world of madness as she searches for her lost mother and brother,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to Academy Award winner Nicholas Cage, the cast also includes Chad Michael Murray, Cassi Thompson, Nicky Whelan, Lea Thompson, and Jordin Sparks.

According to The Raw Story, Willie Robertson says the Left Behind movie “would encourage atheists and non-Christians to convert.”

“It’s a warning to those, if it happened today, would be left behind, and I believe people are going to make that life-changing decision to follow Christ on the way home from the theater on Oct. 3.”

Robertson continues by saying. “Let’s all make sure we bring some friends and family to see this movie – people who need to see to believe.”

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