Snapchat Nude Photos: Parental Control Spying App Allows Parents To See If Kids Are Sexting

The advent of Snapchat nude photos has every parent worrying their kids are sexting each other. But it turns out there are now good iPhone and Android parental control apps that can help monitor your teenager’s usage of Snapchat photos.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the 4Chan leaked photos scandal involves hundreds of videos and photos, and proved just how vulnerable anyone can be if they choose to make nude photos of themselves. In addition, some states have child pornography laws where a teen who creates and sends a nude photo can be criminally prosecuted as a sex offender. This creates a worrisome trend since it’s possible for someone to download picture files from Facebook, Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Snapchat, and Dropbox using various hacking tools that are available for download on the internet.

Besides talking to your teenager about how sexting can be dangerous, the only way to check and see if Snapchat nude photos are being created is to monitor your kids’ usage habits. The Snapchat app normally is supposedly to prevent parents from monitoring activity, but software called mSpy allows parents to see exactly what is being sent via various social media apps in addition to providing information on who they’re calling, texting, emailing, and where they are.

Keep in mind, it is illegal to download this kind of smartphone spying software on someone’s phone without their consent, unless they’re a minor. mSpy costs $40 per month and must be downloaded and installed. Since mSpy does not leave an icon on a child’s screen, most children will probably never notice it is running in the background unless they’re tech savvy. Once installed, the software will allow parents to remotely view updates on what their kids are doing with their phones. mSpy also can monitor Skype calls and WhatsApp messages.