‘Big Brother 16’ Rewind Update: Julie Chen Clarifies How It Will Work

Updated: Julie Chen has now essentially clarified her earlier clarification that felt a bit muddled. She now says that all of the players who were eligible to play for Head of Household Thursday night will be eligible to compete for it again Wednesday during the Rewind. That means, as many Big Brother 16 fans had suspected, that Derrick won’t be able to play.

Everybody is anxious to see how things will play out in week 11 of Big Brother 16 this coming week. During Thursday night’s show, host Julie Chen introduced a new twist to both the viewers and the houseguests. Just how will things work with the “BB Rewind”? Chen clarified things a bit, but some BB16 fans are still curious to see this all play out on-screen.

As viewers learned Thursday, the BB Rewind was thrown into the mix for this coming week. If any of the Big Brother 16 houseguests push the button, the week will be played over again next Wednesday night. Some wondered, however, just who would be eligible to play in the Head of Household competition.

Entertainment Weekly talked with Julie Chen to try to get the specifics. Chen said that all the houseguests will play for Head of Household again. That sounds simple enough, but some BB16 fans might say that the wording still seems to leave the door open to at least a couple of possibilities. For example, if the game truly and simply goes into rewind mode for one week, that would mean that Derrick Levasseur is ineligible to play for Head of Household. Franke Grande, Cody Calafiore, Caleb Reynolds, and Victoria Rafaeli would again face-off for the HOH honors.

However, it is quoted that Julie Chen specifically said all of the houseguests would compete. Did Julie really mean everybody, or was the phrasing she used not as specific as it should have been? Long-time Big Brother fans would all agree that there have been many times over the years where Chen said one thing when the reality of what was going to happen was a bit different. As Big Brother Network notes, it would be surprising if Levasseur is really eligible to compete as technically he will again be the outgoing HOH and people in that position are generally ineligible. Everybody will have to see what really transpires on Wednesday.

As it stands now, Frankie Grande is the week 11 HOH. However, as Big Brother spoilers previously revealed, he also was the one most anxious to push that BB Rewind button. Will he come to regret that? He just might, as he is the one who stands to lose the most. Derrick intended to target Grande for eviction next, so losing his HOH status could put him in danger. However, it seems clear that he will have the opportunity to win it all over again.

All the houseguests know at this point is that they pushed the button and there’s a countdown attached to it. Will they figure out what lies ahead by having pushed it? Derrick has been pretty on top of things this season, so he may well develop some suspicions. Stay tuned for more Big Brother spoilers as the week progresses and the BB Rewind twist plays out. The schedule for Big Brother 16 does change this coming week, with shows airing Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights until the finale.

[Image via IB Times]