WWE: When TNA Goes Down, Vince McMahon And WWE Will Severely Suffer

If you have a moment to spare, watch the WWE Network and their Monday Night Wars series. WWE went above and beyond with the production and historical evidence from all instances during that time period. The only reason the Attitude Era existed came from the dominance of WCW and Eric Bischoff. Along with Ted Turner’s checkbook, Bischoff created a wrestling promotion that almost ran WWE out of business.

Vince McMahon realized that without bringing competition to the competition, Bischoff would’ve won. WCW would still be in business and the WWE may not even exist. That’s a huge statement to make, but what happens to a failing company in the business world? More often than not, they fall into obscurity or unemployment.

Even Triple H said it during the Monday Night Wars series, explaining that if WWE would’ve failed, they could’ve lost their jobs. Also, with TNA going down the drain, nothing seems certain for the WWE.

“For what it’s worth, Mike Johnson of PWInsider recently stated that he believes TNA really is going out of business. The TNA Bound For Glory pay-per-view from Tokyo, Japan on October 12th will not air live in the United States. The first airing is scheduled for 8 pm EST that night. Bound For Glory will begin at 6pm local time in Tokyo, which would be 4 am here on the East Coast.”

Bound for Glory is their second-biggest pay-per-view of the year, and it won’t even be live in the United States? Does Dixie Carter realize how bad that sounds? Apparently she doesn’t, because TNA is living in a fantasyland where nothing can go wrong. She screwed up and Spike TV is smart for dumping them. They receive more money when they air Cops repeats.

With that said, the WWE isn’t taking any measures of threatened feelings as TNA takes the dive into obscurity. Forget I even mentioned that, because that “Smackdown to Thursdays” move was changed and Friday Night Smackdown will remain on Friday.

What is the WWE thinking? The move to Thursday would’ve been a fresh start to a meaningless show anyways. Face it: Since the brand split was diminished, Smackdown became the “Raw Recap” show. Smackdown used to be the No. 1 show, but Vince McMahon couldn’t handle that.

Raw and Smackdown

Sooner or later, NXT will start dominating, then that will become the “Smackdown Recap” show. Which in turn will become another monotonous recap for Raw.

To make matters worse, Triple H told Chris Jericho on his podcast, Talk is Jericho, that McMahon will never retire. As long as McMahon gives up some of the creative control, and I mean a lot of it, the WWE will be in good hands. It is now Triple H’s turn to have another company beat him in the ratings, then have to turn WWE around and dominate once again.

That is the problem with WWE. Nobody is there to push the buttons a little bit. Bischoff did that to perfection in the 90s. He almost made McMahon lose. WCW had it in the bag. Then, McMahon put those creative pants on and created the best era in wrestling.

If you don’t see the true problem with the WWE, then you’re naive and blind. It is a half-rate show with only a few stars. Brock Lesnar is the best thing going, and they might even screw that up. John Cena is stale and needs time off. Dean Ambrose got hot, and then they took him away. Kane ruins every match on Raw. Smackdown is irrelevant. McMahon has no “cahonies” left. Triple H wants to build, while McMahon wants to re-use and recycle.

Vince McMahon

Don’t you see the negative correlation building? I love the WWE, and will until the day I die. However, the room for error is quite large right now with the laziness and boring storytelling. If I had it my way, Paul Heyman would talk for three hours, along with a match that included Ziggler and Cesaro wrestling an iron man match.

Those are dreams that make no sense, of course, but the satire was reached, I presume.

If TNA goes down, mark my words: the WWE will slightly go down with it. Somebody with guts needs to come in and take them down a few thousand pegs. I don’t care who it is at this point. For all I care, Jeff Jarrett and GFW need to save us.


[Images via wrestlingrumors.net, muscleandfitness.com and wwe.com]