Sarah Silverman Goes On Ex Jimmy Kimmel’s Show, Talks About Boyfriend Michael Sheen [Video]

Boy do Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel love to make things “awkward.” Sarah went on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show to discuss her recent Emmy win and guest stint on Master of Sex, and that’s when things turned to her love life.

Currently Sarah Silverman is in a relationship with Masters of Sex’s Michael Sheen. The couple are so serious that he made it into her Emmy speech as “fancy pants Sheen.” That said, some people were a little confused and thought she was actually talking about Charlie Sheen. To clear up any confusion, Silverman’s ex Jimmy made her explain who she was dating and the nature of their relationship.

Clearly smitten with Michael Sheen, the comedienne told her ex any connection to Charlie Sheen, “would be ridiculous. There’s only one fancy pants and that’s Michael Sheen.”

The awkwardness came in when Silverman was genuinely expressing her love and admiration for Sheen and everything he does on Masters of Sex, saying “he’s the best at what he does.” When people started laughing Kimmel said, “I think they think you’re making fun of me.” After that the flood gates opened and Silverman turned the interview on its head in a way only she can.

She continued to talk openly about her relationship while jokingly digging at Jimmy, saying, “I don’t think I ever knew what love was. I don’t think I’ve ever been in love before.”

Silverman described what it was like for the Welsh actor to meet her parents back in New Hampshire. She mentioned her father, Donnie, “has a new best friend.” When Kimmel pressed her for more details, she said that her father liked Michael more than they did Jimmy. By then Kimmel, grinning from ear to ear, asked how she knew that, and Silverman replied, “because he turned to me and said, Jimmy who?”

This isn’t the first time Sarah has made an appearance on Jimmy’s late night show post-split, nor is it the first time the two used their past relationship as a bit on his show. Back in November of 2013, Sarah Silverman made an appearance and decided to bring along some “stuff” of Jimmy’s that he had left at her home that she wanted to return to him.

Jimmy Kimmel is now married to co-head writer Molly McNearney since 2013 and the couple welcomed a daughter Jane this July.

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