‘Teen Mom’ Star Kailyn Lowry Celebrates Anniversary After Marital Troubles

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry has been sharing her life and her family on the hit MTV show, and this week, she proved that she is willing to share both the good and the bad. Last year, she shared her wedding to Javi Marroquin, which was an emotional and romantic episode. But this week, Kailyn showed her frustrations of being a mother to two young children when she essentially had a meltdown on national television.

Kailyn Lowry has been through more than most teenagers; she is just rebuilding her relationship with her mother, who kicked her out at the age of 16. But Lowry has been working hard to create her own little family, and this week she is celebrating something important.

According to a new Instagram post, Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry is now celebrating her marriage with her husband, Javi Marroquin. The two got married two years ago today, but had a fall wedding celebration last year. Even though they had a wedding in 2013, they are celebrating their actual wedding day from two years ago.

“I would be lying if I acted like marriage was a piece of cake but to be honest, it’s not what I expected. Marriage is hard work and takes effort from both people,” Kailyn Lowry reveals in her message to her husband.

“We’ve been through things in the past two years that I don’t think most couples ever go through. But we’ve made it through some trying times and now I know we can make it through anything,” she added.

And Javi himself also had some sweet words for his wife. Even though Isaac is not biologically his child, Kailyn Lowry has given him a son of his own and a family unit in their shared home.

“Can not believe it’s been 2 years of marriage already. You’ve been my best friend since the day you asked for my number. I am incredibly grateful for you coming into my life and bringing 2 amazing boys with you,” he revealed.

Even though Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have been married for two years, it hasn’t been easy for them. This season of Teen Mom has shown viewers that they do have their issues, even though they tend to show the public a happy family on their social media accounts.

Perhaps Lowry just needed to get out of the home and focus on herself for a bit to change her attitude at home. Lowry has returned to school and is now a college student on top of being a mother to two, according to The Inquisitr. And Lowry appears to be thrilled about her future.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin celebrating two years of marriage?

[Image via The Christian Post]