Clare Cathcart: ‘Doctors’ Actress Known As ‘Claire’ Cathcart Dead At 48

RIP Clare Cathcart: As America mourns the loss of comedian and legend Joan Rivers, another talented actress has died. The Independent reports today that Clare Cathcart, best known for her roles in Doctors, Come Fly With Me, and Call The Midwife, died in her home in Brighton in the United Kingdom on Thursday, September 4, 2014. The cause of death for the 48-year-old Irish actress has not yet been announced.

Born in Fermanagh, Clare Cathcart received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Royal Holloway College in London, where she majored in drama and theatre. In the mid 1980s, Clare Cathcart continued to polish her skill as an actress, making debuts in theatre performances such as Joyriders, and later in Once A Catholic, Comedy of Errors, and Truth And Reconciliation as well as The Indian Boys, Romeo And Juliet, and Loyal Women.

Clare Cathcart, also known as Claire Cathcart, appeared in several TV series, most notably Doctors, New Ticks, Psychos and Call The Midwife, according to Inquisitr. She also appeared in movies such as Hotel Splendide and Amazing Grace.

Ulster Actors stated that Clare Cathcart was a wonderful actress who gave solid performances but never achieved the level of success that she deserved.

“She could not capitalize on this success and was reduced to transitory appearances on television. () although capable of much more, she found it difficult to register a lasting impression, particularly on screen, where even her rare co-starring credits proved somewhat confined and had little influence on what should have been a more rewarding career.”

Clare Cathcart’s friends describe her as a wonderful friend who had the most infectious laugh. In her spare time, Clare Cathcart loved reading and loved writing. Friends would describe her as a funny, sharp-tongued, and outspoken mother who loved her girls dearly. She also loved to eat out at places like Subway and Franco’s, sometimes deciding to take herself out on a date rather than rely on a romantic partner. According to her Facebook page, surviving in the dating world was quite a challenge. In one post, she joked.

“What’s that? How’s the dating game going? Well. I’ve been stood up twice this weekend. Texted a “friend” to see what he was up to last night and he didn’t even bother replying. Got a French footballer with a very loose grasp of English constantly messaging asking me “who I’m going”or “what is my nicest example in bed…” So.Yeah. It’s going really well thanks.”

Friends of Clare Cathcart have used social media to show their immense sadness.

“It is with huge sadness that we have to report the death of our beloved friend and client Clare Cathcart.”

“We have lost a truly beautiful soul. Clare was an amazing woman and a great friend to me, she will be missed. My deepest condolences to her family. Love you Clare xx”

“Clare Cathcart the little time I spent with you will stay with me always, you funny, beautiful crazy lady RIP lovely girl x”

One Facebook post dedicated to Clare Cathcart simply reads,

“Miss you already :(“